Course Offering Book and Planning Guide

Community Unit School District 303

Paul Gordon, EdD · Superintendent of Schools · (331) 228-2000

Dear Students and Parents/Guardian:

Working together, St. Charles East and North High Schools have established diverse course offerings that provide strong, core academic preparation combined with extensive elective opportunities. The comprehensive nature of this curriculum enables our students to prepare for a variety of post high school experiences including the rigors of a four-year college, university experience, or career placement. To assist you, we have delineated our courses to represent distinctive educational pathways which will in turn guide your course selections.

This handbook contains valuable information needed for each student to develop his or her personal four-year program of study as well as policies, procedures, and timelines regarding schedule adjustments after course registration. Each year students and parents should reflect on the student’s success and experience and make appropriate revisions to that four-year plan. As you review the information contained in this booklet, you will find many familiar courses in the traditional academic areas. In addition, our curriculum offers richness across the total educational program that allows our students to select courses from a wide variety of elective areas. We encourage all students to avail themselves of these elective courses as opportunities to expand their personal interests, explore work and career opportunities, and identify potential post-secondary programs of study.

We have structured a timetable for the registration process that will allow you to make well-informed decisions for your course of study. Because these are serious decisions, please use this time wisely to work in partnership with the school staff to ensure your success.

We wish you success in your high school experience.


Jim Richter, Principal Shanna Lewis, Principal

St. Charles East High School St. Charles North High School

Course Offering Book and Planning Guide

This resource provides both general and specific information about District 303 course offerings, graduation requirements, school policies, and high school and college planning. This information will be useful as you select courses for your high school career and as you prepare for post-secondary education.

What you will find in this resource:

▪ Pathways for student success in each discipline

▪ Descriptions of each course

▪ Graduation requirements

▪ High school and post-secondary planning information

▪ Answers to frequently asked questions regarding course registration

Your school counselor is your central contact for the course registration process and is available to answer your questions, help you find information, and provide guidance in your course selections.

Please note the navigation tabs at the top of this page - INFORMATION, ACADEMIC COURSES and APPENDIX. Each tab has a drop down menu listing the contents of the section.

This guide and many more resources are also available online through District 303’s website, and the high schools’ websites:

St. Charles East:

St. Charles North: