Mrs. Crossen's

2nd Grade Class

Homework Expectations


  • When homework is sent home please work on the homework for 10 minutes. There is no expectation that your child completes the entire page.
  • OPTIONAL: If homework is not sent home, your child may play Prodigy. This can be played on a tablet with the app, or play online.


  • Please read for fun with your child. Current research is showing that reading an average of 20 minutes a day is best for kids. Please read at minimum 60 minutes a week, but try to read those 20 minutes! You may read to your child, have your child read to you, they may read on their own, or listen to a book. Books on tape are a wonderful resource during car rides. You can check them out at the public library. Please keep this FUN! The goal is to develop a life long reader. Read whatever is enjoyable to your child, snuggle up, and enjoy!
  • OPTIONAL: Weekly reading homework. Please consider using this resource if this helps your family, focuses your child, and you see value in it. I am happy to support you! If keeping track of reading is frustrating for your child, or they start to see reading as homework rather than fun, please set this page aside. Your child will not be penalized. It is most important to me that your child has a love of reading, and I do not want homework to change this.

Word Study:

  • A weekly sort will be sent home each week, with choice activities to reinforce our word study at home. Play games, work on memorizing the spelling patterns. Spend 5 minutes a day on this, Make it fun! We will be doing a quick assessment each Friday for accountability.
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