Mrs. Crossen's

2nd Grade Class

Homework Expectations


  • When homework is sent home please work on the homework for 10 minutes. There is no expectation that your child completes the entire page.
  • OPTIONAL: If homework is not sent home, your child may play Prodigy. This can be played on a tablet with the app, or play online.


  • Please read for fun with your child. Current research is showing that reading an average of 20 minutes a day is best for kids. Please read at minimum 60 minutes a week, but try to read those 20 minutes! You may read to your child, have your child read to you, they may read on their own, or listen to a book. Books on tape are a wonderful resource during car rides. You can check them out at the public library. Please keep this FUN! The goal is to develop a life long reader. Read whatever is enjoyable to your child, snuggle up, and enjoy!
2018-2019 Crossen Schedule