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"Young people have always been, and probably will always be, job hoppers, regardless of what generation they belong to. Don’t base your employment decisions on what you think you’re supposed to do, or what the rest of your generation is doing, but rather on the opportunities available to you, and the direction of your long-term goals.

Despite the stigma attached to it, job hopping can actually be a good thing—and you might thank yourself for doing it later."

(FORBES, Jan 22, 2018, Larry Alton, freelance writer and business consultant; Millennials Aren't Job Hopping, Young People Are: 5 Things To Keep In Mind)


As the future can be a confusing maze of tangled career paths, we are preparing students now for the unknown—positions that don’t exist in the present. There are ways to figure out what career direction to take and, at the same time, prepare you to succeed in any career.

D219 has taken numerous steps toward career and life readiness by providing students with opportunities to participate in academic and extra-curricular activities and learning experiences, including several dual credit college courses, numerous advanced placement course offerings, math extension courses, and career exploration experiences, for example, to help them acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for post high school education and/or employment. Additionally, D219 is incorporating into its offerings, 7 CAREER PATHWAYS sequences as an additional tool to help guide our students toward appropriate course selection and related extra-curricular components:

  • Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology & Trades

  • Information Technology

  • Health Sciences & Technology

  • Finance & Business Services

  • Arts & Communication

  • Human & Public Services

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Through it’s partnership with hundreds of Niles Township and Chicagoland area businesses, the Education to Careers program aims to help D219’s 4,800+ students understand how they can take advantage of their high school experiences, including their academic classes and extra-curricular activities, to investigate potential career choices and opportunities in the workplace. Two of the most meaningful Education to Careers programs, Career Exploration Days (formerly known as Job Shadow Day) and Ask the Expert Days, have provided students with invaluable opportunities to interact with professionals in numerous career areas. Students have gained knowledge of job responsibilities and the critical skills that life and work demand, and have a better understanding of why English, math, science and other courses they take at school are important. Work-based learning experiences may also include mock businesses or school-based businesses, research projects, and other opportunities to learn about the career world. Counselors, teachers and the education to careers coordinator may provide guidance to those students who are seeking more long-term opportunities such as part-time jobs or service learning (volunteer) experiences.

You may not decide on a particular career path during high school, but your work-based learning experiences will give you knowledge about the skills and attitudes employers require. You may find just the right career or you may find out what you definitely don’t want to do as a career. That knowledge can give you a head start in a career, help you save money on post-secondary education and/or training, and add weight to your resume.

We encourage you to experience real world opportunities today, to prepare for the careers of tomorrow, but remind you to make sure that whatever career you choose, you find it enjoyable, productive and fulfilling.

Lisa Edelson

Niles Township High School District 219

Education to Careers Coordinator


Mrs. Edelson cultivates partnerships with business and community professionals who help students learn about careers in order to make better informed decisions about post-high school education and/or training opportunities. Her own career path has included positions with manufacturing companies, various retailers, a county Planning and Zoning Department, the Hilton and Hyatt Corporations, Chicago's Back of the Yards Business Association, and the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce. She served as Executive Director of the Skokie Chamber of Commerce from 1988 to 2000. Mrs. Edelson earned a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning and a Master’s degree in Corporate Employee Life & Wellness Benefits Programming. Additionally, Mrs. Edelson is actively involved in our local chambers of commerce and various community organizations, and has and continues to participate in numerous seminars, workshops and webinars to help broaden her knowledge of the education and skills required to succeed in our ever-changing global business environment.

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Student & Parent Resources

Career Pathways, Courses &

Other Related Resources

Career Pathways is a program of study, including planning, preparation, participation and performance, consisting of coursework, co-curricular activities and other learning experiences that connect students to their career aspirations and goals.

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Ask the Expert Days: Health & Medical Industry Videos

Focus On Your Future: Post High School Options Fair Recap Video Clip

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Cookies & Careers Videos

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Post High School Local Trade Associations, Unions & Related Career Programs, Training & Apprenticeships

Other Non-Traditional Post High School Career Education & Training Opportunities (under construction)

5 Things to Know About Career Certifications [with 300+ Certifications to Consider]

D219 & NSERVE Summer Career Related Courses & Learning Experiences

D219 & NSERVE Career Exploration Courses are three-week classes that introduce students to challenging careers through experiential learning activities and field trips focused on careers in specific clusters, affording students the opportunity to talk to professionals in their field of interest.

They offer students the opportunity to explore a variety of related career options, providing them with realistic perspectives about the skills needed for success in the workplace, while emphasizing the connections between academics and the world of work.

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How Businesses Can Get Involved

D219 Powerful Partnerships

Friday, April 30, 2021


hosted by


9800 N. Lawler Ave., Skokie, IL

(parking and entrance to be determined)

7:30 - 9:15 a.m.

(Catered breakfast begins at 7:30 a.m.; program begins promptly at 8:00 a.m.)

The District 219 Powerful Partnerships Breakfast is an opportunity for our Niles North, Niles West and Niles Central students and staff to thank our business and community partners for their contributions to improving our student's academic performance and helping them prepare for a successful future. Building Powerful Partnerships with our parents, businesses and community organizations is a top priority and is included as part of our D219 Board of Education goals.


For more information, please contact:

Jim Szczepaniak Director of Strategic Partnerships & Community Relations 847.626.3958

Lisa Edelson Education to Careers Coordinator 847.626.2062

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