General Education English Classes

Grades 9th -12th

Summer Reading Assignment 2018

*Honors and AP students can find their assigned reading by clicking on the appropriate page

Summer is around the corner, which means plenty of time to read a good book or two, or maybe even three. Each year we assign summer reading because we know that research reminds us that students who read continuously make gains, while those who stop reading for an extended period of time lose some of their important critical thinking and reading skills. We hope to avoid the summer slump and encourage and foster a genuine love of reading. We also know that reading a good book is particularly pleasurable when we choose a book that matches our personal interests. We want students’ summer reading experiences to reflect their personal interests by offering students the freedom of choice in their summer reading book selections. The important thing is to find a book that appeals to you, and spend some time this summer reading.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: For this year's summer reading assignment, we invite students to read one book of their choice and complete the Summer Reading Annotation form that can be downloaded below. Your English teachers are looking forward to discussing your summer reading when you return in the fall and they will collect your annotation sheets the first week of classes. *Honors and AP students have their own required reading assignments (see below).

We offer two different ways to help students complete this summer reading assignment.

1) OPTION A: Students may choose any book for their summer reading. Check out some recommended reading lists and titles on the Recommended Reading page and you may certainly default to one of these if you are having a hard time choosing. Or, ask your English teacher for some ideas.

2) OPTION B: We are excited to be partnering with our local libraries, Arlington Heights Public Library and Indian Trails Public Library, to offer students an opportunity to fulfill their summer reading requirement through the summer reading programs offered at their libraries. This is a great opportunity for students to get acquainted with some good books. Students will need to register at their local library on their own time. Be sure to let the local librarians know that this is to fulfill the BGHS Summer Reading requirement. Students who choose this option will NOT need to complete the Summer Reading annotation form. The librarians will record your reading through your attendance in their program.

PLEASE NOTE: *All Honors and AP English students have a required summer reading assignment that will be handed out to current BGHS students in their English classes before the end of May as well as posted on the Summer Reading link, identified by course title. A letter will be sent home to our incoming 9th grade Written and Oral Communication students. We hope you will share your summer reading choices and recommendations at #BGReads.

Please contact me if you have any questions at

Happy Reading!

General Ed Summer Reading Annotation Template.pdf

Click on the template to download the Annotation form.

Here are guidelines for completing the Annotation Form.

Guidelines For GEN ED Summer Reading Annotations.pdf