GCHS Rams BLock


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Please email the Rams Block Coordinator, Mrs. Piggott - spiggott@d127.org

Required RAMs block Session Schedules


What is Rams Block?

"As lunches are now built into each 3rd and 7th block class, every student now has a Rams Block as their 8th course. In an effort to not disrupt instructional time and provide support for additional skills required for life-long success, this block will provide time for students to access important support systems, resources and mandatory programming. Social-emotional curriculum, college planning, and other grade-level presentations will now be delivered during Rams Block. In addition, during days without presentations, this is flexible time that allows students to access resources available within the building (for example, AIM interventions, social workers, counselors, dean of students, College and Career Center, teachers and academic resource centers, etc.) as well as providing time to collaborate with peers and engage in schoolwork without giving up their lunch to utilize these resources. "

How does open campus work?

All Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors at GCHS can apply for Open Campus during the 2022-2023 school year. Open Campus status allows students to leave the building for lunch or Rams Block (on the days without mandatory presentations) or to go to a supervised location in the building. However, there are criteria that must be met and maintained throughout the year.

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  1. Senior status with 17 or more credits, Junior status with 12 credits, Sophomore status with 6 credits.

  2. In order to remain eligible for Open Campus, a student must maintain course percentages of 70% or higher in all enrolled courses. Grades will be pulled every six weeks. (see dates below)

  3. Parent approval submitted via the Open Campus Parents Permission Form (English Version) or Campo abierto, Permiso de Padre/Guardian (Spanish Version)

  4. All student fees paid in full.

Pursuant to the importance District 127 places upon academic achievement, and the direct correlation between attendance and grades, students deemed to be struggling in either may have their Open Campus status revoked at any time for a period of time to be determined by school personnel.

Students struggling to adhere to the District 127’s Discipline Policy may also have their Open Campus status revoked at any time for a period of time determined by the student's Dean.

Student eligibility for Open Campus will be reviewed every six weeks for attendance, grades (must maintain a 70% average in all enrolled classes), behavior, and social probation status.

Below are the dates of each review period.

  1. August 16th → September 23rd

  2. September 26th → November 4th

  3. November 7th → December 21st

  4. January 9th → February 16th

  5. February 21st → April 6th

  6. April 11th → May 31st

Students who lose their Open Campus status will lose their lunch and Rams Block privileges for the six-week review period.

Parents may also request denial of the Open Campus status at any time during the school year by contacting their student's Dean. This will result in students losing both lunch and Rams Block privileges for the period of time the parent deems necessary.

Where can students go during open campus?

In the building, students can go to soft seating areas in the hallways, LRC, math resource room (marc), write room, or meet with a teacher (prearranged).

Students with open campus can also leave the school campus but are required to return on time for their next class period. Students should exit through the fieldhouse doors and scan out as they leave. Students should also reenter through the fieldhouse doors upon returning to school.

When do students need to attend required lessons?

All students without a Rams Block exemption are expected to attend all required sessions on the scheduled session days. Check out your grade level page on this site for the specific dates, times, and locations.

Mrs. Piggott (Rams Block Coordinator) will be sending emails to students with more specific times and classroom locations leading up to the date of each session as a reminder. It will be important for students to check their emails regularly.

*Students with exemptions or tech campus should watch for emails from Mrs. Piggott about when sessions should be attended and how to access information from sessions you may miss.

Why might students have a Rams Block exemption?

Due to a variety of scheduling conflicts, some students may not have a full period Rams block that they attend during one or both semesters. Each case is unique so students should look for emails from Mrs. Piggott (Rams Block Coordinator) for information about when and how to attend essential sessions. Whenever possible, videos of the missed sessions will be provided and students unable to attend in person are encouraged to view the missed information.

What is "Rams Block - Band" and how does it work?

All band students have…

  • Rams Block - Band during block 2

  • a band class scheduled for block 5, 6 or 8

  • a Life Fitness class scheduled during blocks 1-8 (possibly including lunch blocks)

If we need to pull students for a required Rams Block session, we will pull them during block 2. This may be all grades or just one of the grades. Students will never be pulled from their regularly scheduled band class.

Students will return to their normal schedule once marching season is over.

When and how should students be taking attendance during Rams Block?

Check out the Rams Block Attendance Guidelines Page

Every student staying in the building should take attendance within the first 5 minutes of every Rams Block.

Students without open campus should first report to the cafeteria/annex or their assigned AIM study to take attendance. Teachers will be taking attendance in PowerSchool. If students leave the cafeteria/annex to visit a different location in the building during their Rams Block, they should scan in at the new location within 5 minutes of leaving their Rams Block location.

Once open campus begins for your grade level, students with open campus can move directly to locations around the building and scan in to mark their location. If a student with open campus chooses to leave campus, they should exit through the fieldhouse doors, scanning out as they go. Students should then reenter through the fieldhouse doors upon their return to school.

How can I pick up my Off Campus Tag?

Please see Mrs. Piggott during Block 3 at the table near the Rams Block tiles or email Mrs. Piggott to schedule a time.

How can I request a change or replacement to my Off Campus Tag?

IF your OC Tag has incorrect information because of a name or schedule change or if your stickers are damaged, please complete the OC Tag Replacement Google Form and Mrs. Piggott will work on replacing the stickers within 7 days at no charge.

IF your OC Tag has been lost, please visit the bookstore to order a new one and receive a temporary tag. It will cost $5 to fully replace the OC Tag (in addition to the $5 to replace a lost student ID). Temporary OC Tags will only be given once the fee is paid. Also, please complete the OC Tag Replacement Google Form and Mrs. Piggott will work on replacing the full OC tag within 7 days at no charge.

IF you forgot your OC Tag along with your student ID at home, we are working on a temporary plan to coincide with the wristbands you get from the attendance office but otherwise plan on staying in the building in approved areas.

Can students in Rams Block use the vending machines and bookstore?

Yes, please make sure you ask your teacher before leaving the room you are in. Students can visit these resources quickly then head back to your assigned location.