Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spartan Spotlight Showcase?

Spartan Spotlight is a student learning showcase. One of our goals at Doherty is to support students in becoming innovators and creators, and the development of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication and many more skills essential for their future success. There is much education research stating when students display their learning for a public audience, they find purpose in their work, a deeper understanding of their learning, and develop grit through solving real-world problems. Student showcases are a wonderful way for students to connect with community members to display their work and get constructive feedback. At Spartan Spotlight, students will display a variety of projects in a multitude of formats. Ultimately, this is our way of showing you, our local community, what we are doing in our school.

Who is participating?

During our inaugural year of the showcase (2018), nearly 20 teachers and almost 500 students participated! This year we are inviting guest presenters from our local feeder schools, too.

Who is invited to attend?

Anyone in our local community is invited to attend. Some individuals might receive personalized invitation from students, because they were identified as “industry experts.” However, students will benefit from your feedback whether you are a parent, education professional, or local business leader. Every attendee has a unique perspective and can offer valuable feedback to support student learning.

Regarding the schedule, do I need to come right at 6pm? Do I need to stay the whole time?

You do not need to stay for the entire time. This event is hosted as an open house. Some presentations will be running on a schedule, while others are hosted symposium style. You will be able to access an event schedule at our registration table and one will be available online closer to the event.

What types of presentations will be happening?

Students are presenting in a variety of formats on an assortment of topics. You will see artwork, videos, engineering and historical projects, as well as hear speeches on social issues. Some students plan to conduct community surveys and get feedback on local issues. Some students will be hosting scheduled, TED-like talks, but many students are hosting symposium style presentations. This means they will be presenting to small groups informally during the event.

What role will I play as an audience member?

As an audience member we just ask that you visit presentations and offer honest feedback to students about their projects and presentations. Many students will have a digital feedback form at their station for you to complete. Please complete as many as you are able. We are attempting to support students in the understanding that we are always striving to be our best. But real learning comes from putting a product in front of an audience and getting feedback. Students will access the feedback you provide and set future learning goals.

If you have additional questions about our event, please contact any one of the event organizers listed below, or contact Doherty High School at (719) 328-6410.

Christina Classen

Glenn Hawthorne

Steve Ottmer