Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Jacob as my child's guitar teacher?

In addition to holding a Master's degree in Guitar Performance, Jacob has training and experience specifically relevant to working with young children. He regularly attends Suzuki workshops and is always refining his teaching. He is also a parent himself and has worked as a preschool music specialist in addition to giving guitar lessons.

Why study Classical Guitar?

The classical guitar repertoire is vast and complex, and it's pedagogy has had centuries to develop. Training in classical guitar technique opens doors to great music throughout history as well as contemporary pieces. The music that falls under the label "classical guitar" can be from all parts of the world and all time periods. Its repertoire is constantly evolving and adapting ideas from Rock, Jazz, and other modern styles of playing. Even students who eventually choose to focus on other genres will benefit from the technical foundation classical guitar lessons provide.

How young can students begin lessons?

Listening and "passive" learning can start at birth (or earlier) but in the case of formal instruction "When they are ready" is the most accurate answer. This means that the student is able to sit still for a few minutes and follow basic directions. This can be as young as 3 but may be 4 or 5 for some. Of course, students can start later and still thrive, but an early start is ideal.