Mrs Stone, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Ceyhan welcome you to our class.

Leeks are in the Nursery in the morning 09:00 until 11:40

Daffodils are in the Nursery in the afternoon 12:35 until 15:15

Library is every Friday. Please make sure you bring in your book bags.

Please ensure names are on ALL items of clothing- cardigans, jumpers, coats, etc.

Water bottles need to be brought in daily and filled with water ONLY.

Please ensure names are on all bottles.

We are a Healthy School and Nursery has fruit/vegetables weekly.

We will let you know when we are ready for PE kits. They need to be stored within a draw string bag, however it will be a while before we are ready to change completely. We are beginning with shoes and socks as well as putting on coats, cardigans and jumpers. Please name shorts and t-shirts.

You may want to include a spare set of clothes just in case of accidents.

Our topic this half term is called:

Battle of the Dinosaurs

This topic has a Knowledge and Understanding of the World focus and enables children to explore the historical and scientific world of dinosaurs. We will look at how they lived, when they lived and how they behaved and interacted with other dinosaurs.

We will learn about:

different types of dinosaurs

the word 'extinction' and its meaning

herbivores and carnivores

ways to move our bodies in creative ways to tell stories and act out scenes

mathematical language related to size and temperature

mark making and emergent writing

drawing and being creative with a range of media

artefacts linked to the topic

our welsh language

Our first Pie Corbett story: 'Dinosaur Roar' by Paul and Henrietta Stickland

Week 1

Dinosaur Hunt

At the beginning of the week we went on a walk and came across a huge nest filled with eggs. We wondered who could have left it there and who the eggs belonged to. We decided that they must be dinosaur eggs due to their, pattern, colour and size. We think that the mother may have been frightened off by a noise. We decided not to touch them or take them with us in case the Mother dinosaur decided to come back to get them. Later on this week we went back to investigate and to see if the eggs were still there. Instead of huge colourful eggs, we found an empty nest. We think that the mother may have come back to get her eggs. One of the children thought that the eggs may have hatched.

Week 2

This week in nursery we have been looking at numicon shapes and numbers 1-5. The children made attempts to copy numicon patterns with pegs and then checked their patterns with the numicon shapes. We have also been making dinosaur hand prints in the creative area and developing our understanding of pattern, colour, texture and shape.

Week 3

As well as practising our sounds, counting and numicon this week, we have enjoyed grouping and sorting dinosaurs in a variety of different ways. We grouped the dinosaurs according to their colour. After discussing colour mixing some of the children wanted to make additional groups and found objects that were the correct colour to put into those new groups. We also grouped dinosaurs according to the type of food that they liked to eat. We now know that some dinosaurs liked eating plants and others liked eating meat. The plant eaters were called herbivores and the meat eaters were called carnivores. Dinosaurs who liked eating both plants and meat were called omnivores. Looking at the features of different dinosaurs helped us to sort the dinosaurs into these groups.

Week 4

This week in nursery we have been practising our Pie Corbett story 'Dinosaur Roar'. The children have been using actions to memorise the text and are now doing a brilliant job of retelling the story! For guided reading this week we read 'The Super Swooper Dinosaur'. The children were introduced to the concept of a 'title' and we made sure that we all knew how to hold the book correctly and turn the pages accurately. The children enjoyed discussing the text and pictures and were even able to locate some of the sounds that we've been learning in Nursery.

Week 5

What fun we've had this week! For snack we tried new foods. Lots of us enjoyed eating cucumber sticks, carrot sticks and mangetout peas with hummus and sour cream dips. We read 'Harry and the Dinosaurs have a Happy Birthday'. We then worked as a group to sequence elements of the story and retell our favourite parts.

Week 6/7

Over the last two weeks we have had fun writing invitations ready for our dinosaur party after half term. The children used emergent writing to make marks. We discussed what we needed to include on our invitations and then talked about the marks that we made. Some of us were able to use our writing rhymes to help us form accurate letters. We also took part in guided reading focused tasks this week where we learnt to hold the book correctly and recognise the front and back cover. We talked about the title of the book and then made our way through the story; turning pages accurately and discussing the content. We learnt about the story by looking at the pictures and listening to the words being read aloud. Some of us were able to find sounds that we knew in the text!

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