Dosbarth 6

Class Information:

  • P.E will be held on a Monday. P.E kits can be kept in school and will be returned home at the end of each term.
  • Reading books are to be brought in daily. They will be changed every Tuesday and Friday as long as there is a parental signature.
  • Homework will be given every Friday and will need to be returned by the following Friday. Children can bring in their homework sooner if they want and put it in the homework drawer.

Shwmae! Mr Thomas Ydw i.

I am the class teacher for Dosbarth 6! I have worked in the school for over 16 years but have never worked in the infants and I am really excited to get started. I love all sports and really enjoy cycling and going for walks!

I enjoy reading books, watching films and playing on my console. My favourites are: Matthew Reilly books; Marvel Films; and FIFA!

Hwyl Fawr!

Shwmae, Mrs Cooper ydw i. I have been an L.S.A for 10 years.

Working with Mr Barnett had previously been my best experience in the school but now I am working with Mr. Thomas and he is amazing!

I absolutely love working with children and my own children even come to this school.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the cinema, the ice hockey, socialising with friends and spending time with my family. My favourite thing in the world though is Harry Potter!! Expecto Patronum!

Inspire Maths - Autumn Term

This term we will be learning how to

  • Use strategies of counting in ones, tens, and hundreds to count to 1000.
  • Recognise, read and write numbers to 1000 and their corresponding number words.
  • Compare and order numbers within 1000 using the vocabulary more than, less than, greatest, smallest.
  • Use place value charts to complete simple addition and subtraction within 1000.
  • Solve simple words problems, identifying the strategy and method needed to find an answer.
  • Explore part-whole concept.
  • Develop skills in using the bar method to solve simple word problems.

As we work through the skills, we will share images and videos explaining the process.

Talk for writing

This term our story is Cat, Bramble and Heron. Every day we practise learning parts of the story using a text map and physical actions developed by our class. Every day we build on our knowledge of the story by learning the next sentence and over the term each individual becomes more confident at retelling the story orally.

"Children who are read to at home, or who come from an oral tradition of storytelling, embed such patterns without really knowing it, as if some form of linguistic osmosis was at work. At this early stage, it is significant that the child is ‘hearing’ the language. This matters because we learn language by hearing it and then by saying it. So, storytelling and rhyme chanting are powerful aspects of acquiring language patterns that might not be met in everyday talk." Pie Corbett 2008.

Please see the link below to view this terms story. Keep your eyes peeled for our text map and videos of our retelling.

Cat, Bramble and Heron

Cwl Cymraeg!

We promote using Welsh at every opportunity in and around the school, see below for sentence structures we are working on so that you can practice at home.

Sut wyt ti heddiw? (How are you today?)

Dw i'n bendigedig/hapus/gweddol/trist/ofnadwy. (I am wonderful/happy /fair/ sad/awful.)

Beth sy'n bod? (Whats wrong?) Pam? (Why?)

Dw in bendigedig/hapus/gweddol/trist achos.... (I am wonderful/happy/fair/ sad/awful because......)

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