Croeso i Dosbarth 4

Class Information

  • P.E days are Friday, please bring a PE kit to school at the start of each term to remain here until returned at the end of half term.
  • Reading days for our class are on Tuesday and Friday, home school reading books are changed on these days, please make a comment in the purple reading record to let us know how your child has read.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and due in the following Friday.
  • Please ensure water bottles are brought in daily, labelled and filled with water only.
  • Children are encouraged to bring fruit to school daily for their morning snack.
  • We expect all belongings to be clearly labelled.

Mrs Stone ydw i. I work in class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but am kept very busy on other weekdays working with children in small groups and 1:1.

Mrs Lewis Ydw i. I normally work Thursday and Friday but am currently enjoying being on maternity leave looking after my two sons. While I am away Miss Chaffe will be looking after the children.

Miss Davies Ydw i. I am the class LSA for dosbarth 4. I love keeping fit with Yoga classes and have a fantastic social life!

Maths - Summer Term

What we will be working on-

1. Mass

2. Picture Graphs

3. Numbers to 40

How you can help -

1. Let your child explore and investigate by weighing. You can use a kitchen scales and help your child weigh different objects. Use and explain words like heavy heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest. In school your child will be using balance scales, they will become familiar with equal, same and different. Point out units of measure grams (g) and Kilograms (Kg).

2. Talk to your child about graphs, use phrases like, few, fewer, same, equal, more and most. You can talk about the information we use graphs for and show them graphs in books. You can tell them about columns and rows and explain total amount.

3. Help your child recite number songs - Check out Jack Hartman on youtube, the children love his songs.

Literacy - Summer Term

What we are working on -

1. Pie Corbett Story - Kassim and the Greedy Pirate

2. Spelling - High Frequency Words (HFW) in a sentence using capital letters and full stops.

3. Handwriting - Writing names

How you can help -

1. You could read this or any other pirate book to your child. Explain words that might be in other 'Pirate' books.

2. In the front of the reading log (the purple book) is a list of high frequency words, you can practice spelling these with your child. Put the words into simple sentences, remind your child to start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

3. Let your child practice writing their full name using capital letters.

Our topic for next term is - Land Ahoy! Please see the file below for more information.


Wonderful Welsh! We promote using Welsh at every opportunity in and around the school, see below for sentence structures we are working on so that you can practice at home.

Y1 Welsh sow- su term1 -Sut wyt ti. Ble rwyt ti'n byw.doc