STEAMCraft: Citizen Science!

What is citizen science? Citizen science is real science done by people like you! There are resources to match your interests with real scientific studies. Whether you share pictures from your garden to help track plant and animal species populations or take a walk in your own neighborhood with a personal air monitor, you can contribute!

Featured Project: MEGATHON

Analyze blood vessels in the brain of a live mouse to help speed up ground-breaking Alzheimers research at Cornell University.

Online games that aid Quantum Physics research.

Online Genetic Research

Solve puzzles to assist scientists researching the genetic traits of a wide variety of diseases and cancer.

Go Out and Find Science! (Projects in the Real World)

Share info about the reptiles and amphibians you see.

Help scientists learn about the evolution of color in squirrels.

Help with research on the presence of insects in our communities

Use a mobile app to help scientists understand the global environment in tandem with NASA satellite data.

Use a mobile app to share information about local trees with scientists studying tree health.

Support AI scientists at MIT by categorizing your tweets. (Must use Twitter.)

Use a mobile app to share local sounds and your reactions to them.

Feeling ambitious? You can become a FrogWatch USA volunteer, and help keep track of local frog populations. First, you would learn to recognize frogs by their calls, then record the information for FrogWatch!