What is Flipgrid?

Think of Flipgrid as an alternative to traditional text-based discussion boards that utilizes video instead of text. Once added to a course, students can post to a Flipgrid with their own video contribution. Flipgrid has a number settings for how submissions are made and how long they can be. There are also decorative tools and other features to liven up the submissions that are made.

Why Should I Use Flipgrid?

A fundamental part of online instruction is building community. When students feel more connected to you, their peers, and the course content, they are more likely to participate and engage. Flipgrid provides an interface that makes it easy for students to quickly contribute a video and see the videos of their peers. While there will be times when a text-based discussion will be a better alternative, by utilizing video platforms like Flipgrid, you are able to add in those opportunities for students to see each other and convey ideas in a way that is perhaps easier for them than if they only had text to express their ideas.

How Do I Start Using Flipgrid?

Check out the tutorial below for how you can add Flipgrid to your Canvas course.

Who Else is Using Flipgrid?

Check out some of CVTC's Innovative Educators listed below, who are already putting Flipgrid to use in their instruction!

Tiffany Tibbitts - Making Students Feel More Connected to their Peers

This was an easy way to get students connected and familiar with each other. As a bonus, using this in my Technology/Media Resources class also helps students meet technology use competencies. A lot of students shared with me that they are insecure with speaking in front of peers. This assignment was low points and focused on introductory information (what is your favorite book, etc) not content to help lower anxiety. In addition, later in this course, students are required to complete a Genius Hour project and they must use classroom apps in their presentation. Embedding the technology like this, instead of creating a ‘Here is How to Use Flipgrid in Your Future Classroom’ presentation is more meaningful to students.