Canvas Studio

What is Canvas Studio?

Canvas Studio is the video recording platform that is built into Canvas. With Canvas Studio, you can record webcam videos, screen recordings, or a combination of the two. Any videos that you record with Canvas Studio are stored in the cloud and can be accessed both inside and outside of Canvas. Videos can also be embedded into courses for students to access. Canvas Studio comes with several extra features beyond basic video recording:

  • The commenting feature allows students or teachers to post comments at precise timestamps within a video, which then appear on the screen for other viewers to see.
  • Quizzing allows you to take a video that has been added to Canvas Studio and layer quiz questions over top. These quizzes can be formative or they can transfer to the Canvas gradebook.
  • Analytics are built into Canvas Studio, which allow the instructor to see how often students are watching their videos.
  • Canvas Studio includes an automated closed captioning tool, which can caption videos to a relatively high level of accuracy.

Why Should I Use Canvas Studio?

The larger question than "Why should I use Canvas Studio?" is "Why should I record videos?". There are a multitude of reasons why video is an essential part of online instruction, but here are just a few:

  • Videos are Everywhere: Utilizing video for instruction is something that nearly everyone does in today's world. Think about the last time you found out how to do something or learned something new on YouTube.
  • Visual and Auditory Learners: Videos can turn content that is often just straight reading into something that is more engaging with auditory and visual elements. This is especially beneficial for those students who struggle with learning through text.
  • Teacher Presence: Online courses can often suffer from a lack of teacher presence. By utilizing videos, the teacher can become a much more visible and active part of online instruction. Check out the Video Creation section of this site, especially the video entitled "Weekly Check-in Videos".
  • Flip Content: Face-to-face and other delivery methods can also benefit from video as a means of flipping content and giving students extra guidance/support/feedback.
  • Student Videos: Student-created videos are a great way to get students engaged and give them the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a more active way. Such videos are a great way of facilitating authentic assessments.
  • Easy: Video creation is easier than ever before. Most people have a video recording device in their pocket (their smart phone).

In addition to all of these points, Canvas Studio's commenting, analytics, and quizzing features add new levels of possibilities for how you can make your instruction more engaging and effective.

How Do I Start Using Canvas Studio?

Check out the video below for an introduction to Canvas Studio. Also make sure to check out the Video Creation section of this site for more in-depth guidance.

Who Else is Using Canvas Studio?

Check out some of CVTC's Innovative Educators listed below, who are already putting Canvas Studio to use in their instruction!

Kristy Polden - Helping Students with Supplemental Instruction

Students love the videos! They really like that it allows them to experience the course material as often as they want so that they retain the information much better than a one time dose during class. The first video was rough, I was speaking too fast because I was worried about it uploading, but they’re getting better and I find them easier and easier to create. I am excited to see the test score improvement for exam 2. Studio is life-changing, really. It helps me to fully become an instructor instead of just winging it... and hoping for the best. It definitely gives me more control over my classroom. I’m thankful I made the leap into Studio.

Tiffany Tibbitts - Being More Present for my Students

I am continuing to use Canvas Studio and find new and interesting ways to create my weekly videos.

I know students watch my videos because they ask me questions or make reference to things I say in them. When course evaluations come out, I will be particularly interested to see what my online students have to say regarding teacher presence.

Michelle Waters - Providing More Options to Assess Learners

Since introducing Canvas Studio, about 2/3 of my students prefer video assessments as opposed to the paper and pencil version. The 1/3 who wanted the paper and pencil tests were already scoring in the top half of the class. Between the two assessment types (paper and video), all but one of the 24 students scored a 90% or above, and the hands-on assessment also assessed their "spontaneous" critical thinking ability.