• Billing Automation Engine: All the Service Orders and Sales Orders which are complete are automatically closed by the Engine and helps in reduction of Manual Efforts by over 80%.
  • Field Service Agents – Work Allocation Automation: Field Service Agents have the Challenges while doing the closures of Service Orders when in field this application would help in identifying the nearest orders and allocations. Automated alerts are send to the agents and stakeholders also raise an Alarm if the Service Response window is crossing the time limit.
  • S4 HANA Migrations – S4 HANA Migrations is a mandate by SAP by 2025 around 430K Customers has to move to S4 HANA, the Journey is not simple. We help in this Journey with the tools and Expertise we have build over the years.

S4 HANA Migrations

Early in 2018, SAP announced that enterprises using SAP ERP have to migrate to S/4HANA by 2025—unless, of course, they already have. The main reason is database compatibility. S/4HANA only runs on the SAP HANA database, and all subsequent SAP ERP releases will do the same.

Looking Into a SAP S/4HANA Migration Strategy:

SAP customers will get greater value and more efficiency with SAP 4/HANA. Whatever the reason, the consequences are real and will have lasting impact.

With hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe and over 75 percent of the world’s transaction revenue touching an SAP system, there’s a good chance that SAP is an integral and critical part of your business. To continue benefiting from SAP, your enterprise will have to undertake a project that could take years and that involves:

  • Mapping and prototyping critical business processes for migration
  • Analyzing the SAP system and its customization such as tables, programs, front-ends, mobile apps, and user interfaces to determine what to move and how
  • Adapting legacy applications that aren’t compatible with S/4HANA

The migration process could take several years, cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and require additional skilled resources from a relatively small pool of talent. And there is the possibility of business disruption at some point during the process.

This is not good news at a time when demand for innovative business applications is very high, and we have developed tools and Expertise in SAP Migrations help in smooth process can reduce upto 40% of time and effort compared to classic migrations.

According to analysis we have conducted, SAP S/4HANA has a number of benefits for business and IT, such as stability, speed, real-time reporting, and a rich feature set. And there is more than one option for migration, which means you have a choice of how to make the leap to S/4HANA.

What Are the SAP S/4HANA Migration Options?

Although experts at SAP and other tech leaders can reel off quite a few ways of handling a switch to SAP 4/HANA, three are more commonly recommended than the others.

Greenfield Approach

One option isn’t really a migration option. Instead, it’s an implementation of S/4HANA from the ground up. “Greenfield” is a term adopted from architectural and environmental engineering that means starting fresh on land that has no previous construction. For S/4HANA specifically, it means either migrating data only or no migration at all. You retire legacy customization and work to streamline processes.

Full Migration

It’s a complete conversion of an existing SAP system to SAP S/4HANA, a method often referred to as “lift-and-shift.” This scenario involves using SAP Software Update Manager with a database migration option for any enterprise not using SAP HANA as their database. To address application customization, enterprises can use SAP cloud and CVS Solutions tools.

Hybrid Migration

Analyzing the current SAP system and identifying the customized applications, functionality, and interfaces that are not part of the core. Before the migration, enterprises can use a low-code platform to develop the non-core pieces and applications used by the system. By doing that work in advance, the SAP system is cleaned of the parts that make the migration tricky.