Artificial Intelligence is Smarter by the Day

Companies are using AI to elevate performance, many in business functions beyond IT

VSC IOT & AI/ML Solution

VSC IOT - offers open-source, reusable components that integrate with leading IoT platforms to help enterprises rapidly collect, pre-process, store, and analyze huge volume of machine data.

Predix Tool: Prognosis Tool for Hospitals

This Tool helps in determining the Critical Condition of the patients collecting the Critical parameters from patients using the Online Medical Devices.

Sales Intelligence Tool: Sales Prediction Model

Sales Prediction Model uses the data from the Historical Sales data, Seasonal Data, Socio-Economic Data and Location parameters of the Stores and predict the sales for each store for next 3 months. Output data is used for making the right decision for all the Allocations.

The framework offers:

  • Real-time data acquisition from sensors, devices, and equipment using standard IoT protocols
  • Edge analytics to control and monitor connected devices
  • Large scale data transformation and processing using the power and agility of Big Data
  • Real time analytics to generate and view insights, alerts and visualization
  • Data correlation engine to improve decision making by rule processing and event correlation
  • Data analytics engine with the of Big Data processing
  • Machine learning algorithms to build industry specific applications, such as frequent pattern mining, failure prediction, time to failure, demand forecasting, etc.