Mr. Kohler's Classroom

"Prepare the child for the path not the path for the child." (Chinese Proverb)

Classroom Environment

The focus of my classrooms is to encourage students to think and do for themselves, using the knowledge and skills I (and others) have introduced to them. This environment encourages risk taking, trial and error, and additional or followup efforts on a problem.


Timing and order of schedule will vary daily. Be sure to refer to Evergreen's bell schedules (click).

Period 1 -- 7th Language Arts ExtendedCore

Period 2 -- 7th History

Period 3 -- 7th Language Arts ExtendedCore

Period 4 -- 7th History

Period 5 -- 8th Exploratory Media


About Me

I believe children "can" if they genuinely "want" what they are working toward. I became a teacher to encourage students to find their "why" (purpose or passion), and then I hope to be a mentor and resource for them to be successful.

I make tough decisions involving students everyday. Decisions are made easier when I remember that what I ultimately decide becomes a lesson your child will likely live by. So I ask myself, "What are the intended AND unintended lessons I will teach with the decision I am about to make?"