Ms. Stanley's Science


My name is Ms. Stanley. This website is a landing point for all of my classes this year, including AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and OnRamps Biology. This website will be running in conjunction with Google Classroom for resources, updates, and assignments.

About Me: I love anything science or animal related (I'm sure many of you have met my trusty side-kick, Dexter!) I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, hunting, exercising, etc. I am an assistant coach for CV Girls' Soccer. I enjoy drinking LOTS of coffee and hanging out with my fur-children, EllieMae and Tucker! Don't be surprised if you hear 80's pop jamming from my classroom on Friday mornings. I especially love nerdy jokes and science-puns.

I look forward to taking on this crazy year with you all in exploring the living world!

2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th Periods
1st Period
7th Period