Accessibility Toolbox

Accessibility Review Tips

Each Canvas page needs to be checked for accessibility. We recommend using a combination of the Canvas checker, PopeTech, WAVE, UDOIT, DesignPlus (cidilabs) and/or Ally. All documents used in the course MUST be checked for accessibility and ALL videos in the course need accurate captioning with punctuation and capitalization.

Accessibility Tools

Pope Tech is an accessibility checker available free to all Colleges from the CCC Accessibility Center.

NOTE: There's a webinar on using Pope Tech below.

UDOIT - open source (free) OR cloud-based (premium)

The free open-source version of UDOIT requires hosting on a server. That could be somewhere on your college server, or, if that’s not possible, Heroku is a free cloud server option. There is also a cloud-based version of UDOIT which is hosted but requires purchase (some colleges have done so).

Ally (Blackboard) - Assists in making digital course content more accessible with alternative formats for students. Available for purchase through the CCC STAC program. For information, please contact

CCC Document Converter (CCC Accessibility Center) - The CCC Document Converter is a free tool for the California Community College alternate media specialists and staff to help convert digital files into alternate formats.

WebAim's Accessibility Color Contrast Checker


Canvas Accessibility Checker Tool

Canvas and Your Accessibility Toolbox: (6/4/21) webinar video introducing pros and cons of each tool