3rd Grade Supply List

Third Grade Supply List

Students Personal Classroom Supplies: These items are used in class daily and kept at school. Donation are greatly appreciated! We suggest keeping similar items at home for use as needed.

· Two thin sharpies

· Child Scissors

· Highlighters (yellow, pink, blue)

· Red Pen Ruler

· Hand Sharpener (not electric)

· 2 Sturdy pocket folders

Classroom Donations: These Items can be handed in to the classroom teacher, so they can be used by the entire class as necessary throughout the year.

· Kleenex

· Two Dozen #2 Sharpened Pencils

· Post Its (3x3)

· Glue Sticks

· Hand Sanitizer

· Disinfectant Wipes

AVID School Supplies PROVIDED by STANTON! Parents DO NOT need to purchase any of the items below:

· Stanton Planner

· Stanton Folder

· 2 inch binder with front sleeve

· 5 colored dividers for 4th and 5th grade; 2 colored dividers for 3rd

· Two (3 subject) Spiral Notebooks

· 3 Hole Punch Pencil Pouch to put in binder

· Composition Notebook (marbled hard cover)

· 12 pack of colored pencils

· 24 pack of Crayola Crayons

· Pencil Box (5x8)