Room P-1

Ms. Winfrey


My name is Lori Winfrey and I teach first grade in Room 3. I began teaching in CVUSD in 1990 freshly out of college. I spent my first fourteen years teaching at Stanton Elementary. I transferred to Proctor the fall of 2004. So this will be my fourteenth year at Proctor. All of my teaching experience has been in grades Kindergarten through second grade.

I believe my strengths as a teacher are in teaching reading, spelling and math. I especially enjoy the challenge of taking non readers or very beginning readers and getting them as fluent as they can become. I strongly feel that the parents, child and teacher must work together so that the student leaves first grade making standards in every subject. In first grade, a child can be behind a few months. In fourth grade it can be a couple years. My feelings are that we work hard together because making up a few months is much more doable than trying to make up a couple years!

I also believe bonding with children is critical in student success. Children are more apt to work hard and persevere if they feel they are loved and that their success is important to themselves as well as those that love them. I believe in high, but realistic expectations for children. They must develop an 'I can' attitude to be successful in school and in life.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. I grew up on a farm is Salinas. I have very fond memories of most of my teachers. I went to public school in grades K through six and then parochial schools from grades seventh to twelfth. I got by BA, Masters, and Teaching Credential from CSUH.

In my free time, I like to work on my house and in my yard. I enjoy traveling and history. I like drinking coffee, reading mystery books and watching Crime shows. I love animals. Currently, I have an old dog named Beanie and three cats named Stanley, Stormy and Boy cat named Mable (yes, there is a story with his name!). I am a germ phobe and try to keep things clean and orderly.

I will work very hard to get your child ready for second grade. All I ask is a few things. One is that you send your child to school consistently. Double digit absences are excessive and detrimental in first grade. Help your child with their homework if needed. We do not give a ton!!! Our homework is directly related to passing standards not just busy work. Read with your child as often as possible (at least 5 days a week). Get your child to bed at a reasonable time and feed them a healthy breakfast so that they are able to concentrate.

Let's work together to make this a great year for your child!


Lori Winfrey