“It's hard to say goodbye for good at any time or any place. It's harder still to say it through a meshed wire. It crisscrossed his face into little diagonals, gave me only little broken-up molecules of it at a time. It stenciled a cold, rigid frame around every kiss.”

― Cornell Woolrich, Black Angel

Significant Topics:

  • Elements of Stylistic Analysis
  • Elements of Noir on the Page and the Screen
  • Evolution of Film Noir as a Genre/ Style
  • Noir Language and Psychology in Historical Context
  • Noir’s Enduring Allure
  • College Essay Writing

Significant Reading:

Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon

Selections of Walter Mosley’s writing

Selected essays on noir

Significant Films:

  • The Maltese Falcon
  • Devil in a Blue Dress
  • Brick
  • Noir documentary clips
  • A Classic Noir (TBD)

Significant Writing:

Analysis of The Maltese Falcon and Devil in a Blue Dress

College Essay

Noir Dialogue

Link to Paul Schrader's Very Influential Essay: "Notes on Film Noir" (1972)

Ms. Parris' Noir Presentation

noir overview

Noir Documentary: Bringing Darkness to Night

Materials and Assignments for The Maltese Falcon, etc.

noir characters.docx
mf 1-5 dqs.docx
mf 6-11 dq's.docx
devil in a blue dress guide
brick guide

Writing Noir Assignments

noir sentence combining
noir essay

noir essay model
noir review sheet