Weekly Writing

Prompts for Semester 1

Week 1

“The Illusion of Orderly Progress”: Fiction and CNF

Fiction Prompts:

· Write the story of one insect in first-insect POV.

· Write the story of a human who stumbles across the insects. The insects and the humans are the same size.

· Write the story of an excluded insect from third-insect POV.

CNF Prompts:

· You are a janitor/ security guard at the Science Museum who finds the presumably dead insects have rearranged themselves. File a report.

· You are an entomologist called in to study unusual insect activity in someone’s home. Write a field report.

Topic for 8/23: "The Lunch Date"

Creative Flow (5 minute quickwrite) for 8/24

Write about your worst habit.

Topic for 8/25: Art & Politics