Ms. LePell -

English Dept., CVHS

You have reached my website for the 2019-2020 school year. The second week of school was quite busy, with students settling into their schedules and beginning to hit their strides in terms of routines and assignments. We will continue introductory activities next week, building classroom community and solidifying expectations in order for all students to achieve. Please read on to learn more about this website and how I hope it will become an asset for you.

Let me say definitively that this website is meant to be a resource for students and parents throughout the year, but it is most helpful on the weekends, as I update course information on Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings. Periodically, I will post information during the week, but not every distributed assignment and/or handout is available through links here. Nevertheless, I encourage students and parents to regularly consult this website, particularly as bigger deadlines approach.

In the space below, you will read about the different classes I teach and learn a little about what is going on in them. The drop-down menu spells out the current crop of homework assignments.

As in past years, I will be utilizing the Remind App! To sign up, simply text @8424h7 to 81010 (for Sophomore English) or @27heee to 810810 (for Honors American Literature).

Questions about assignments or expectations can be sent to me:

Next week we launch Trojan Time on the block schedule. Trojan Time occurs between the first two blocks on Tuesday and Wednesday. These first two Trojan Times will be "closed" -- that is, students will stay with their third period classes. "Open" Trojan Time begins in September. The class calendar clarifies which periods meet on which block days: Tuesdays include periods 1, 3, & 5; Wednesdays include periods 2, 4, & 6.

Next week is Back to School Night! I encourage all parents to attend to meet teachers and learn more about the different--and often wonderful--classes at CVHS on Thursday, August 29, 2019. Every student will be bringing home a yellow schedule and school map to help parents navigate around the campus.

I look forward to meeting you, the parents of my students this year!

My 1st Quarter gradebooks will be set up soon. If you have concerns or questions about assignments in any of the classes that I teach and/or posted scores, I urge you to send me an email:

Some logistical information: I teach in Room 905 periods 4, 5, & 6. Ms. Witnov, my roommate, instructs in the morning, periods 1, 2, & 3.

Please see individual pages for specific class/course information. Individual course names are listed at the top of this page. You will also find other headings there that may be helpful to you.