Independent Elementary

Volunteer Page

Thank you for your interest with volunteering at Independent Elementary. Your active involvement in your child’s education is important and deeply valued. Our volunteer opportunities currently include:

  • Morning Drop off (aka Parking Lot Safety Team): Members of the safety team will help to ensure students and parents are making safe and efficient choices when arriving and leaving campus. You will stand in key areas of the parking lots and remind those that need assistance of parking lot and traffic rules.
        • Time commitment: minimum of 10 min -- maximum of 50 min per week.
        • Schedule: 8:00am-8:10am. Your choice of days
        • To sign up, contact Francoise Chenais: - (510) 537-9558
  • Noon Supervision: Noon supervisors will support students in recycling, composting, and cleaning while eating, and will monitor behavior using the school positive behavior plan. If you are willing to cover all lunches, multiple days a week throughout the school year, you may apply to become a paid employee.
        • Time commitment: minimum of 45 min -- maximum of 11.25 hours per week.
        • Schedule: You may choose to volunteer for all lunches 11-1:15 or select one or two (45min each). Your choice of days.
        • To sign up, contact:
  • Independent Elementary Library Parent Volunteer: Every year we need parent volunteers to come and support our classes during library time. Parents will be checking books out, checking books in, reminding students if they have an overdue/missing book, reshelve returned books, and helping students find books they want to check out. It is a great opportunity interact with the whole class.
        • Time commitment: 1 hour per week
        • Schedule: predetermined by classroom teacher --> contact your child's teacher for their scheduled time.
        • To sign up, contact your child's teacher.

In order to be eligible to volunteer, you must complete a Megans_Law_Screening_Request_ Form_2018.pdf prior to volunteering. Please print this form and bring it to our secretary, Francoise Chenais. If you have completed this form for another site, you will still need to complete one for Independent.