About Me:

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in history (Go Bears!).

I received my teaching credential for Social Studies from Cal State Hayward (now Cal State East Bay). During the program, I was assigned to do part of my student teaching at CVHS and I have been here ever since. I feel very lucky to be here!

I teach United States Government, a 12th grade course required for graduation, and Psychology, an academic elective for 10th-12th graders. Both courses meet the UC system's A-G requirements.

Grading Information:

You will be able to view grades for each course online through the Aeries portal. Please be advised that grades will likely only be updated every 3 weeks or so. This is because students do the majority of their coursework in spiral-bound notebooks which are collected at the end of each unit of study (shortly after each unit's test). It's at that point that the work is evaluated and graded, and then entered into the grading program.

  • Homework and classwork (mostly done in the notebook) comprise 50% of the student's grade
  • Tests and quizzes account for 35% of the student's grade
  • Class participation makes up the last 15% of the student's grade

My Psychology course outline and Government course outline, which are sent home for parent/guardian signatures at the beginning of each semester, offer specific information about course expectations and policies.

Student Absences:

I don't post my assignments online because I want to talk to students about what they've missed while absent. If students are able to do work during an absence, they should email me. Within a day or so (and usually within a few hours), I will reply and attach what's available in digital form, plus give a brief explanation about what needs to be done. However, I don't teach correspondence courses--it's important that students come to class because much of the learning experiences in my courses can't be easily replicated at home.

Contact Information:

Email is my preferred method of communication. Please put your student's name as the subject heading of the email. Or, you can call and leave me a voicemail. Please be advised that response time will be faster via email. Meetings are by appointment only.

CV in DC: Close Up Week in Washington, DC:

Enrollment for the February 2020 trip to Washington, DC will soon begin. Select the CV in DC tab at the top of this page for more information.

(The photo above was taken at the FDR Memorial, one of my favorite places in Washington.)