Vision & Mission Statements

Canyon Counseling Department

Vision Statement

The Canyon Counseling team strives to equitably develop all students to be active citizens who innovate, problem solve and are productive members of society.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Canyon Middle School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program for all students. We follow and implement the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) National Model.  Our goal is to help each individual develop and enhance his/her abilities in the areas of academic achievement, social/emotional growth and career strengths. This is accomplished through creating a safe learning environment, and collaborating with all members of the community which includes parents, teachers, administrators and students to help them reach their potential. It is our mission to advocate for access and equity for all our students. 

Counseling Corner Presentation

Ms Lopez Extension 6134

Ms Mari Acuña

 Extension 6133

Ms Lucy Souza

 Extension 6175

Itzel Lopez, 6th Grade

6th grade

Mari Acuña, 7th Grade

7th grade

Lucy Souza, 8th Grade

8th Grade

Lindsay Sanchez, Social Worker

Wellness Center

The Counseling Team

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