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Welcome to the Sixth Grade Social Studies Website. This site will be updated weekly . You can access the site from the website; click middle school; click staff and then click the Mr. Roberts icon. The site's purpose is to keep you informed of future projects, assignments, summative assessments and practice.

Week Nineteen: December 17th - 21st

Monday -

  • National Geographic Class Quiz
  • 5 Themes of Social Studies PRESENTATIONS
  • Collect Ancient World Maps
  • Discuss Possibilities of mini-project
  • Olympic Cities Latitude and Longitude Lesson

Tuesday -

  • National Geographic Class Quiz
  • Collect Section Review Questions
  • Mini-projects
  • Olympic Cities Latitude and Longitude Lesson

Wednesday -

  • National Geographic Class Quiz
  • Mini-Projects

Thursday -

  • Mini-Projects Finishing Touches
  • Mini-Projects Presentations

Friday -

  • Correct and go over Olympic Cities Lesson
  • Pass Back: Italy Map; Ancient World Map and Section Review Questions
  • Mini-Projects Presentations

**Historical Event Description/Mini-Project of your section is due on Thursday the 20th (possible projects are located on the Ancient Worlds Sections link below)

**Olympic Cities latitude and Longitude Lesson is due on Friday the 21st

6th Grade Expectations
Five Themes of Social Studies.doc
Ancient Wonders of the World Rubric Short Version
Seven Ancient Wonders of the World
Ancient World Pre-Rubric.doc
Ancient World & Sections for each AW
Social Studies Enrichment Links

The Social Studies Enrichment Links include many challenging activities and practice quizzes.