**Homework is bolded**

Monday, october 2

Math: CC Review

Reading: Adjective Hunt

Composition: sent/frag worksheet

science: oceans take and give heat notes

social studies: bradford/wampanoag questions

Tuesday, october 3

Math: powers of 10 worksheet

Reading: pixar short film

Composition: sent/frag task cards

science: atmosphere affects climate

Social studies: massasoit/squanto questions

Wednesday, october 4

Math: multiplying and dividing ws

Reading: lifted pixar short plot

Composition: grammar hospital

science: show what you learned

Social studies: thanksgiving article

Thursday, october 5

Math: corrections

Reading: color by story element

Composition: s/f/ro assessment

science: land and water cck

Social studies: study guide

Friday, october 6

Math: word problem/paychecks

Reading: starbucks mode

Composition: starbucks mode

science: how much water is in the world mystery science

Social studies: time for kids