Creative Writing

Understanding Death

By: Peter Warner

Death can be your worst enemy,

And sometimes you try to stop it from coming,

But pain is another enemy to fear,

Because it can be slowed but may never disappear,

But as you grow more lessons are taught,

And one lesson is remembered,

No life is lived without pain being brought,

Whether you seek the pain or not,

As you sprout like a seed and time goes by,

You learn another lesson essential to life,

No matter how much you try and try,

Eventually your time will come to die

Locks Poem

By: Peter Warner

A lock with no key,

Strong and firm just like a tree

There it shall stay,

Like a scar, never fading away

Buried in the ground,

Never to be found

Reminder of a wall,

A wall that will never fall

Keyhole seeming brand new,

Fresh like mother’s stew

Ready to be unlocked,


By: Elise Salsbury and Reet Gohar

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Wait no, that it copying off of Star Wars. NO COPYING ALLOWED! We need something more unique…

A long time ago, in a far away world known as, “our minds”, there were two vain superheroes who went by the names of MIGHTY MOOSE and SUPER PEANUT. The reason they capitalized their names was because they were very confident in their ability to succeed and conquer inevitably, and they believed that they were the most powerful beings to ever exist.

The two superheroes lived in two very separate and diverse places. They had never before heard of each other’s disassociated homes, or even of one another. But although they had never before come in contact, they were both part of the same worldwide organization known as W.A.C.A. (Worldwide Anti-Crime Association). This association was dedicated to fighting against the crime and evilness that took place all around the world.

On one eventful day they each got a call from W.A.C.A., stating that SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE were assigned to fight together against one of the most vicious beasts that roamed the planet. It’s name? ...The Swine! The Swine was a massive, fire-breathing boar with razor-sharp tusks that could collapse a building with one effortless swipe. The Swine was sent out by Zelda, the Black Goddess (people call her that because of the color of her heart). Zelda wanted nothing but to grant people pain and misery, and she had not a tinch of goodness lingering inside that empty heart of hers. She had always been like that, and would be like that until the end of her days.

Wait, no, that’s not true. There was a time when she was overflowing with kindness and love. Her heart shone bright enough to light up the world. But alas, one day long ago that all changed. For the person that she loved with all of her heart murdered! The culprit? King Oeneus (EE-nee-us)! Zelda was absolutely FUMED! Ever since that day she was set out to bring that king to his painful end, and she would destroy anything that happened to block her path. She sent out The Swine to destroy the king once and for all.

Even after The Swine killed King Oeneus centuries ago, it still lurks around the planet killing anything that it sees, purely for amusement. Right then, The Swine was stalking around, waiting for its next victim. That is why SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE were sent out to imprison it for good, before it destroyed the entire world.

It was early in the morning in late September. The sun barely peeked up over the horizon, making it look as if someone had painted the sky with vibrant streaks of pink and orange. SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE were at a meeting that was to be held in the City Hall of Nutville (where SUPER PEANUT lived). They were preparing for their epic journey to once and for all trap The Swine behind bars, before it could kill anymore people and destroy anymore communities. The Swine was currently making its residency, just outside of Mooseville (where MIGHTY MOOSE lived). The goal was to make sure The Swine did not harm the wonderful people and city of Mooseville (Mooseville had one of the world’s largest populations ever!). So, as you can see, this amazing city was very much worth saving, at any cost. So SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE’S job was very important. Their success would basically determine the fate of the world (considering that Mooseville held over a sixth of the world’s people and was the center of trade and culture).

Even though SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE knew just how many lives depended on this… they still acted like children. One thought the other was less superior, and the other said the same back! This kiddish action sure made the W.A.C.A. think twice about assigning the two to the task, but they decided to give it a go, considering the fact that they were the two most strong and reliable heroes that ever existed. They knew deep, deep down inside that the two could, and would succeed in their endeavor. Or at least they really, really hoped so.

Both the heroes were outraged by the whole shabang they were being presented with. During the meeting, they shoved away from each other. It was as if they had both let out a gastly toot, stinky enough to find yourself in a shortage of breath. Both were thinking the same thing: This is abuse! My talents are far greater than HIS! In fact, they didn’t only think this... they screamed it, to each other, and to the head of W.A.C.A! The W.A.C.A officials were indeed quite surprised by this unexpected behavior, for SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE were usually quite the dream. They never argued or fought against a task they were assigned to. But nevertheless, their foolishness took control. But despite their strange behavior, W.A.C.A knew that they had no choice but to send the two out. Who better to defeat The Swine? MIGHTY MOOSE and SUPER PEANUT were their best bet. SUPER PEANUT was brave and strong. MIGHTY MOOSE was tough and fearless. Together they should have been the dynamic duo. The dream team. But were they? Would this battle for fame take control of their powers?...

A few hours later, when the bright mid-afternoon sun shone high in the sky, the two heroes flew to Mooseville to begin their epic journey to defeat The Swine. Now, let’s answer those questions from the paragraph above. Let’s set the scene: MIGHTY MOOSE and SUPER PEANUT were standing in a large, grassy, field bursting with numerous types of plants and wildflowers, all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite the immense beauty that overwhelmed the field, SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE didn’t have any time to marvel over it’s splendor. They were busy preparing for their amazing battle against The Swine. SUPER PEANUT was polishing his high tops. MIGHTY MOOSE was sharpening his antlers. They both didn’t speak a single word to the other. In fact, they didn’t even make eye contact. They were both clearly disgusted by the fact that they were assigned to this job together.

Just a few minutes later, SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE nearly jumped out of their shoes when an blood-curdling howl echoed from within the nearby forest. They scanned the trees, trying to pin-point the source of such an uproarious cry. But deep inside they both knew the truth. That ear-piercing racket couldn't have come from any other creature but… The Swine.

The Swine jumped out of a nearby cradle of elms, ferociously snorting steam and snot from its nostrils. It ́s eyes blazed with fury and determination. It had only one goal in mind… to destroy everything it wanted to. It jumped out of the shadows and was instantly showered by the glittering sunlight, exposing his ragged, jet black fur and seemingly mile-long wings, purely made of silk (but as tough as a rock). But the most terrifying thing about the massive creature was it’s razor-sharp tusks. They were sharp needles as long as 20 full grown men standing on each other’s shoulders. The Swine let out another earth-shaking yowl, as if threatening that it was ready to crush them to pieces. But luckily, SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE were ready as well. SUPER PEANUT started flexing his muscles. MIGHTY MOOSE lowered his antlers. They were prepared for battle.

As The Swine reared back, ready to strike, MIGHTY MOOSE cried, “Stand back you big ol´ slow poke, I can do this myself, for I am as fast as lightning. You on the other hand, are as slow as a slug. Slower, even. There is no way that you will be able to dodge The Swine’s flailing tusks!”

SUPER PEANUT was absolutely furious at this outrageous comment, and shot back, “Like you could battle that thing on you own! You’d get crushed six seconds in without my strength, skinny stick arms! You barely got no muscle at all!”

“Oh you’re one to talk! Tell me, SUPER PEANUT,” MIGHTY MOOSE snapped, his voice full of disgust, “Who is the one with pin-sharp antlers that can slice a 30 foot layer of stone? Me. Not you! A little bit of muscle is nothin’ compared to these beautiful antlers of mine!”

“HA! Your antlers won’t do you any good if you get squashed trying to skewer The Swine!”

“Oh shut your pie whole ya little peanut dude!” MIGHTY MOOSE snapped, “ Sit down, relax, and enjoy the show! I’ve got this!”

“How about you sit down instead, skinny stick arms!”

I’m afraid the argument went on for quite a long while. After a while MIGHTY MOOSE just stormed off to fight The Swine himself. SUPER PEANUT trailed behind and started fighting from the other side of The Swine. They were both fighting with all their might from opposite sides of The Swine (not knowing the other was there) when SUPER PEANUT heard a breathless plea for help. “Help… me... I’m… trapped!” That is when SUPER PEANUT realized… it was MIGHTY MOOSE! I have to admit, at first SUPER PEANUT was hesitant to help MIGHTY MOOSE. After all, he was the one who had called him “a little peanut dude, as slow as a slug and incapable of anything”. Who would want to help someone who had tried to hurt them? But in the end SUPER PEANUT decided to give in and help the vain ol’ dude.

SUPER PEANUT scanned the battlefield for MIGHTY MOOSE, and found him trapped under The Swine’s enormous paw. He was all flailing body and desperate screams. SUPER PEANUT knew just what to do. This is when his strength came in handy. He jogged up to The Swine and grabbed its paw. He pulled with all he had, until finally, MIGHTY MOOSE was free!

But MIGHTY MOOSE had no time to thank SUPER PEANUT for saving his hide, for just a few seconds later SUPER PEANUT himself was put in his own heap of trouble. The Swine had moved on from MIGHTY MOOSE… its new target was SUPER PEANUT! It was obviously fumed that SUPER PEANUT had freed it’s victim, MIGHTY MOOSE. So it was determined to get rid of SUPER PEANUT, once and for all. The Swine lowered it’s head in fury. But not in any type of surrender. No, it was preparing to through an epic swipe of those razor-sharp tusks of his, meant to slice SUPER PEANUT to pieces. SUPER PEANUT ran as fast as he could, but obviously, it wasn’t enough. The Swine was gaining quickly.

SUPER PEANUT exclaimed at the top of his lungs, “Help me MIGHTY MOOSE!!!”. Now, although The Swine had nearly drawn all of the breathe from MIGHTY MOOSE a few seconds ago, it hadn’t drowned out any of MIGHTY MOOSE’S strength and determination. And although SUPER PEANUT had called him “A skinny stick armed moose with not a single bit of muscle”, he was also the one who had saved his life. MIGHTY MOOSE knew what he had no do. He had to rescue SUPER PEANUT. He bolted towards SUPER PEANUT, picked him up, and used his lightning speed to get them out of there. He put SUPER PEANUT safely down and hastily made a rope of vines from the nearby forest. He ran back towards The Swine and circled in between his feet with his rope. By now, SUPER PEANUT was on his feet and he was ready to land the last blow. Once MIGHTY MOOSE was nearing the end of his rope. SUPER PEANUT came and kicked The Swine in the shins so hard it fell over. MIGHTY MOOSE tied the knot and made another few ropes to completely entangle The Swine.

The Swine was trapped. The Swine could no longer kill anybody or destroy any more communities. Not only that, but SUPER PEANUT and MIGHTY MOOSE had learned a very important life lesson that day. That sometimes, although they were two very tough and ferocious heroes, sometimes they needed a helping hand. Sometimes, not every single thing could be done alone.

A helicopter from W.A.C.A. came and extracted The Swine and the heroes. Back at headquarters, the heroes bumped chests at their victory. Then they had a heartfelt conversation. It went something like this.

MIGHTY MOOSE: I’m really sorry for those things I said to you earlier.


MIGHTY MOOSE: The truth is that, maybe I do need you sometimes.

SUPER PEANUT: Yeah, I need you too.

MIGHTY MOOSE: I need you more.

SUPER PEANUT: NO WAY! I do! You are obviously the better hero! You are lightning fast and more heroic than anyone I have ever known.

MIGHTY MOOSE: No, you’re the better hero! Just look at those muscles of yours! You could lift up the entire universe in one hand!

SUPER PEANUT: Well, we both have our talents.

MIGHTY MOOSE: Yeah, and we’re both unique and special in our own ways.


MIGHTY MOOSE: Best friends!