The Renfro Story

Did you know that Renfro School is the combination of two schools in our district?

You can learn about the Renfro story here!

The side of Renfro that you see from Camelot Drive used to be Lincoln Elementary School. A photo of Lincoln School is on the left. There was another school named Dorris Elementary School which is shown on the right. Dorris School was sitting on unstable ground so it was wisely decided to have it torn down. Where should all of the students from Dorris go to school? Lincoln School was sitting on stable ground with enough land for expansion. More classrooms, a new office, library and new gym were added to Lincoln School to make room for the Dorris students. The new school was ready for students at the beginning of the 1997-1998 school year. It was named John A. Renfro Elementary School after a very special person.