Class Announcements

Hello, 5th Graders!

  1. Renfro Runners - Wednesday, March 21
  2. STEM Lego Challenge - Thursday, March 22
  3. Math Topic A Quiz - Thursday, March 22

Congratulations to Makayla S. for being our star student of the week! Thank you so much for working so hard on all of your assignments this week. What has helped you earn "star student" is the fact that you have really put in the "extra effort" this week and tried your best to always be doing the right thing, participating in class, and pushing yourself the extra mile. I love having you as part of my class! Thank you for representing Room 121 so well!

Star Students in Room 121:

1. Morgan L. 2. Michael T. 3. Selah H. 4. Layla G.

5. Trystan M. 6. Beth C. 7. Ashay H. 8. Naomi W.

9. Ian Y. 10. Isabel B. 11. Drew R. 12. Makayla S.

13. Shilah L. 14. Layla G.** 14. Jeremiyah T. 15. Beth C.**

16. Yoselin F. 17. Enrique N-C 18. Morgan L.** 19. Selah H.**

20. Cameran E. 21. Naomi W.** 22. John M. 23. Luis & Ashay**

24. Devin Y. 25. Ian Y.** 26. Drew R.** 27. Michael T.**

28. Makayla S.

Contact Information

Email is typically the best way to get ahold of me. If you realize that you need quicker communication during the school day, please send me a message via ClassDojo.

Ms. Hilary Heinlein

5th Grade Teacher

618-346-6311 (DIS Number)

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This will be our primary system of classroom management as it keeps track of the many positive behaviors demonstrated throughout the year....and any mistakes we may make as well!