Career & Technical Education

Curtis High School

Career & Technical Education

The Dance CTE program prepares students for dance in both the professional and college setting. Students study courses in modern dance, ballet, composition, dance history and production as well as participate in a student led dance company in which they choreograph and perform. In addition we have a partnership with Battery Dance Company.

The Graphic Design CTE program at Curtis High School is a three year sequence intended to introduce students of all performance levels to practical applications of the graphic arts. Students use the Adobe Creative Suite to develop technical skills that will prepare them for jobs in the graphics industry. The program partners with the Marketing and Educational departments of Roundabout Theater Company in Manhattan and maintains community connections with many NYC based visual arts professionals.

The Journalism CTE program prepares students to be active members, producers, writers and creators in the digital media environment. Students in the Journalism Institute will be exposed to all facets of journalism. The emphasis will be on emerging technologies.

The Law CTE program offers two four-year sequences in preparation for a college path in the legal field. One program provides students with an understanding and preparation for law related careers. The other program provides exposure to a career path in public safety and service.

The New Media CTE program provides students with the software skills needed for general business operations and E-Commerce. Students become certified as Microsoft Office Specialists in Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint. Additionally, they learn website development and flash animation skills that support an organization's effort to conduct business on the web.

The Practical Nursing CTE program involves 1,050 hours of classroom and clinical experience mentored/instructed by professional nurses. Graduates qualify to take the national licensing examination in practical nursing. Most program graduates continue college studies leading to degrees allowing them to become registered nurses.

The Nursing Assistant CTE program covers skills and clinical experience. Upon graduation students take the national performance and written examination allowing them to meet the New York State Department of Health requirements for employment.