Navy Junior ROTC

The NJROTC Program is a leadership and citizenship program which designed to help today's youth meet life's challenges. The curriculum includes Leadership, Fundamentals of American Citizenship, Naval History: Ottoman Empire through Desert Storm, International Law, Oceanography, Meteorology, Introduction to Navigation, Astronomy, Basic Electricity and Electronics. NJROTC may also be taken as an elective by students in any program. There are no commitments whatsoever to military service.

Course Sequence

Introduction to the NJROTC Course - History of NJROTC; Citizenship; Laws-Authority-Responsibility; Drills and Ceremonies


Maritime History - War at Sea; the U.S. Navy; Strategy and Tactics

Nautical Sciences - Maritime Geography; Oceanography-Meteorology-Astronomy; Aeronautical Science


Naval Knowledge - Sea Power; National Security; Laws of the Sea

Naval Skills - Shipboard Life; Rules of the Road; Navigation-Time


Leadership Theory - Ethics and Morals; Case Studies

Leadership Laboratory - Positions of Authority; Responsibility for Others


Assistant Principal: Mr. E. Ritzer - Room M51 (ext. 5510)

Guidance Counselor: Mr. M. Hankin - Room 130F (ext. 1307)

Coordinator: Lieutenant Commander K. Reeb - Room 111 (ext. 1879)

Dean: Ms. M. Neto - Room 124 (ext. 1242)

Department Aide/Para:

Ms. K. Crawford - Room 140D (ext. 1406)


Lieutenant Commander K. Reeb - Room 111 (ext. 1879)

Master Sergeant K. Wiggins - Room 111 (ext. 1880)