The Journalism Institute offers students opportunities to explore the following: writing, layout, photojournalism, documentary film, broadcasting and print production. The institute annually publishes eight newspapers, and nationally recognized yearbook. It also participates in partnerships with local media outlets.

Course Sequence

Freshman Year

Fall: Desktop Publishing-Layout Design

Spring: Desktop Publishing- Emerging Technology

Sophomore Year

Fall: Journalism 1- Interviewing and Reporting

Spring: Journalism 2- Ethics and Writing

Junior Year

Full Year- Video Production or Photojournalism

Senior Year

Advanced Journalism- Yearbook & Newspaper Production


Assistant Principal: Mr. Torta - Room 233 (ext. 3300)

Coordinator: Ms. C. Turner - Room 322 (ext. 1897)

Guidance Counselor: Mr. M. Hankin - Room 130F (ext. 1307)

Dean: Mr. R. Rautenstrauch - Room 124 (ext. 1222)

Department Aide/Para

Ms. K. Crawford - Room 140D (ext. 1406)

Journalism Institute Teachers

Cadence Turner, Tim Dale

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