Small Learning Communities

International Baccalaureate/Scholarship Diploma Program is designed to help intellectually-gifted students each their fullest potential. The program offers an innovative, culturally-enriched curriculum in the arts and sciences to students who meet the reading and math equipments, have a fine record of attendance and punctuality, and who have taken our placement examination. One important goal of the IB/Scholarship program is to prepare students to excel on the PSAT. SAT and ACT examinations, enabling them to be admitted to the finest colleges an universities. Advanced placement coursed are given in English, Chemistry, Biology, European, History, America History, Foreign Language, and Calculus.

The School of International Studies is a college preparation core program typically found in any of the specialized high school. The SIS program is geared to the student with strong interest in the humanities, law, and sciences, preparing SIS student to take some of the advanced placement course offered at Curtis High School.

Nursing: Upon completion of the program, out students are thoroughly prepared to take the New York State Boards for License Practical Nurse and Nurses Assistant certification exams. Nursing theory classes are practically applied at clinical sites on the North Shore. Nursing students learn how to get along with and care for others. Nursing students enter a Profession which guarantees employment and promotion well into the twenty-first century.

The Computer Business Institute prepares student for college and/ or full-time employment. They must satisfy all standard academic requirements in addition to computer and business courses. Student learn the latest computer software and business applications in their business classes. Student have the option of joining CO-OP for their senior year.

The Law House House offers a four year preparation for a college major in the legal field. The Human and Legal Studies small learning community provides understanding of and preparation for law-related careers in the business world. Coursework includes Trial and Debate, Mentor Law and Paralegal Studies.We are partnered with John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The Journalism Institute offers students opportunities to explore the following: writing, layout, photojournalism, documentary film, broadcasting and print production. The institute annually publishes eight newspapers, and nationally recognized yearbook. It also participates in partnerships with local media outlets.

The Performing and Visual Arts House is a four year hands-on program of sequential course work. Student become members of a performing ensembles, participating in theatrical productions or demonstrate work in art exhibitions. This program focuses on college preparation for a career in the arts-related fields.

The NJROTC Program is a leadership and citizenship program which designed to help today's youth meet life's challenges. The curriculum includes Leadership, Fundamentals of American Citizenship, Naval History: Ottoman Empire through Desert Storm, International Law, Oceanography, Meteorology, Introduction to Navigation, Astronomy, Basic Electricity and Electronics. NJROTC also may be taken as an elective by students in any program. There are no commitments whatsoever to military service.