Curtis High School


January 9, 2018

Attention all students who will be taking a NY State Regents exam in January: Regents Rev Up classes are available in most subjects. Today classes are English in room 225 at 10th period, Algebra 1 in room 329 at 3 PM, Geometry in room 308 at 3:10 PM and Algebra 2 in room 406 at 3 PM. Schedules available from Mr. Hepworth in room 133.

Youth of the Future Sophome Leaders Club will meet today in room 131 at 3 PM. See Mr. Hepworth for more information.

A very important meeting of the Dreamers Club Wednesday during 10th period in room 133. Please be there. See Mr. Hepworth for more information.

Cooking Club will meet Wednesday after 10th period in the Teachers Cafe. New members welcomed!

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