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Formula Bharat

A 5-day competition in which students are required to compete with a combustion or electric vehicle prototype in areas of engineering design, cost effectiveness and dynamic performance on track.


History: Consecutive events since Jan 2017/18/19, 80+ teams, 2500+ students, 160+ volunteers.

Astrover Challenge

A 2-day competition in which students compete with a human-powered rover, travering obstacles on an exoplanetary-like landscape of hypothetical Planet Ari.


History: First event in November 2019, 25 teams, 250 students.

FS Electric Vehicle Concept Challenge

A 1-day design event in which students present an engineering design concept, marketing pitch and cost effectiveness on a formula-style electric vehicle.


History: Consecutive events since Jan 2018/Oct 18/ July 19, 15 teams, 150 students, hosted by Ather Energy, Bengaluru

FB Academy

A platform with presentations, seminars and practical workshops that caters to general training for participants in the Formula Bharat competition.


History: Consecutive events since Sept 2017/July 18/Sept 19 in Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, 300+ students.


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