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Check our sports schedule for this week:

Check out this week's schedule and come cheer on our Clipper sports teams!

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This Week In The Halls Of CHS (7:15am - 3:00pm):

What is going on during the school day?

Monday (8/27)

      • No School

Tuesday (8/28)

      • No School

Wednesday (8/29)

      • First Day of School for Grade 9
          • See All Classes A1 - A7

Thursday (8/30)

      • First Day of School for ALL Grades
          • See All Classes A1 - A7

Friday (8/31) A-Day (1, 2, Academic Adv., 3, 4, 5)

      • ACADEMIC Advisory (next week we will start M & F Activity Advisory/T & Th Academic Advisory)
      • SENIOR Class Meeting in Advsory

Homework Help:

STAYING AFTER SCHOOL - Students are reminded that they MUST BE WITH A TEACHER if staying after school. Students are NOT to wander around the school OR "hang" in a teacher's room without a staff member present.

After School & Weekend Events At CHS

(3:00pm - 9:00pm)

What is going on after the school day?

(For sporting events, HOME games are in BOLD)

Monday (8/27)

      • MANDITORY Class of 2022 Orientation @ 4pm & 6pm

Tuesday (8/28)

Wednesday (8/29)

Thursday (8/30)

Friday (8/31)

Saturday (9/1):

Sunday (9/2):

Don't Forget - Coming Up!

      • 9/3 - No School: Labor Day
      • 9/4 - Junior Class Meeting
      • 9/6 - Sophomore Class Meeting
      • 9/7 - Freshmen Class Meeting
      • 9/12 - No School: Primary Election Day
      • 9/13 - Freshmen Class Elections

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