Investing in Culture for a Sustainable Impact

Culture Capital is a sustainable investment management company. We invest in global companies who understand the strategic importance of corporate culture as an asset. Our research shows that these companies deliver both superior returns and a sustainable, positive impact.

Culture Capital uses a data-driven, investment valuation model to measure company culture. Our differentiated approach is the first of its kind to assign value to company culture. Using big data and machine learning techniques we quantify non-structured data, news, and information outside the company financials. Unlike traditional financial factor models which ignore these important attributes of long-term shareholder value directly linked to sustainability.

Our firm was created from our passion for sustainable investing and to address the growing need of investors for a complete sustainable investment process, more than negative ESG screens or risk overlays. We built from the ground-up, an innovative approach to sustainable investing that delivers on the dual mandate of investing with a purpose and financial performance. Sustainability is the primary driver of our investment process, with a core belief in the positive impact from company culture.

Investors have also made it clear they need to see measurable results of their investments making a positive impact. We demonstrate how our portfolio companies are significantly ahead of their peers in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Few managers are forthcoming with this information. Culture Capital on the other hand, will always be transparent for our investors to see the measurable results of their investments making a positive impact.

Our Culture Global Leaders and Culture Global Alpha Long/Short are both designed as a core ESG strategies with a natural fit for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, foundations and pensions. Innovative and compelling solutions to sustainable investment which align with your own mission to create a long-term positive impact.

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