Director Report 12/14/2017

The Cultural Council has been very busy since our last meeting, the Annual meeting. We've been working with the city's grant administration office who has been working with the Office of General Counsel to get our contracts for the coming year. I'm happy to relate that our contract with the city is finished and we've executed. We've also sent the new contracts between the CCGJ and the CSGs for signature and we'll have that business wrapped up in short order as first quarter payments go out as soon as that business is done. I'll say one last time that the CSG grant cycle and process was as smooth as we've seen in years culminating into these agreements. Many thanks to staff and of course our all volunteer grant panel. Its called a cycle for a reason. We've just last week had our initial grant workshop for the 18/19 fiscal year. Once again with 100% attendence and great engagement with our organizations.

There has been more board work as well with a couple of Finance Committee meetings and a Governance Committee meeting. Those have been great with excellent board attendence and board work. Thank you all who have given their time on those committees.

Patrick has been working diligently on logistics for our two secured speakers for the Vystar International Artist Lecture Series. One is Brian Greif a Nashville based artist who's documentary Saving Banksy is a netflix hit. Mr. Greif saved an original Banksy in San Francisco. We'll hear him speak on February 15th at the Main Library and the famous Banksy that he saved will be on display at the library from mid February through Public Art Week. Public Art Week is April 1-7 and will have multiple events and programs, per usual. The other Vystar lecturer also has a hit documentary that we will show along with his lecture, and that artist is Floyd Norman. Floyd's hit documentary is call An Animated Life. Floyd who is now 82 was the first African American animator at Disney. His story is extraordinary and we've locked him in for an end of March visit.

Chelsey and I have been working on logistics for this year's Arts Awards. We have our eye on two main goals for this year (beyond fundraising goals) and that is a program that every attendee will see and hear. Our Golden Globes seated dinner format has been met with great appreciation. We think this format will be conducive for a proper reflection and celebration of the attendees. We also wanted to have an event that was scalable and as accessable as possible. I'll delve a tiny bit more into the event during new business, but until then please be thinking about companies, families and friends you'd like to see involved and supporting our biggest fundraiser.

We were alerted that we will be the recipient of another Florida Blue Foundation grant. Thank you Florida Blue! This grant will be used to support our teachers, job coaches, and project manager (Rosemary) for the upcoming school semester. We've partnered with the Center for Arts in Education who I met at Americans for the Arts. The Center for Arts in Education runs the nations longest running paid internship program and the second largest. I believe ours may be the largest. Their curriculum which the YMLA/YWLA leadership teachers have vetted will help us focus on the student and personal growth and career preparedness, whereas previous focus has mainly been on the places the students will work. This is a more holistic approach that we feel will be a big improvement. I'm pleased to announce that with Florida Blue's commitment we will be teaching the curriculum to the entire 8th grade of both schools. A select number of students will be chosen for a project based paid internship in the summer. Summer paid internships at CSG organizations will also be available through the Mayor's Summer Jobs Program. More on that to come as well as updates on our Cultural Equity Commitment which has some exciting potential projects on the horizon. I'll share a link to summarize activities around that commitment in our transparency page soon.

We are working with Americans for the Arts to bring a national workshop on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity to Jacksonville. We've been identified as a potential site.

We are the regranting agency of Irma recovery funds from the NEA for the area.

We have been selected as a potential city for the installation of Rosa Parks Home, a temporary public art installation.

I'd like to conclude with a quick update on advocacy and engagement. I've been working with our CSGs on a comprehensive strategy to document all of the great things and quality of life that come from our support of the arts as a city. We've held a meeting and a workshop and are finalizing the campaign but many folks have visited our /advocacy page and given their testimony, stories and anecdotes of experiences with arts and culture in our great city. Once we finalize our campaign and roll out the advocacy page, we'll ask our board, the CSGs and their board and all of our audiences and friends and families to reflect on the value of arts and culture support.

Lastly we've been working hard to debut a new Annual Giving strategy that easily helps folks support our org and its work. We've commissioned Ronnie Land to create a signature logo for our campaign and have little incentive gifts with 2018 so one can collect each year going forward as they give. Just click the give button at our home page to learn more and give til it hurts.