We host several events per school year to bring educators from the Bay Area together in San Francisco for professional learning, sharing, play and fun. CUE events are high energy, based on sound pedagogy and feature new ideas you can incorporate in your classroom or school district.

All of our events are planned by a volunteer group of local educators. We partner with a few technology companies throughout the year to host our events.

Membership is free. Make sure to select CUE San Francisco as one of your local affiliates when you register. CUE San Francisco members get to attend our events for free. We charge a small fee, usually $5 for others.

Past CUE San Francisco Events


Attendees learned about tools and tricks they could use to help students find their voice. Our learning sessions included:
Spotify: Amplify Student Voice–– Podcasting with Soundtrap

Adobe: Spark Multi-Media Creativity–– Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark

KQED: The Art of Centering Student Voice with Editorial Cartooning

Thad Austin: It’s About the Process–– The Digital Production Cycle

We had more than 150 educators from all over the Bay Area submit topics that they were interested in learning about and then come together to learn from each other about those topics via Zoom. Then we did a design thinking activity to work on creating a solution together using things we learned earlier in the day.

Making Effective Screencasts without Taking Forever

Checking for understanding

Developing Respectful, Trusting Communities

Fostering Student Discussion & Collaboration

Zoom: Mastering the Technical Aspects

Engaging Elementary Students During Distance Learning

Managing a Library During Distance Learning

Teaching Primary & Early Learning

Ensuring Wellness for Students and Staff

Promoting Equity & Closing the Gap; Engaging Parents

Interactive Teaching, Active Learning

Serving Students & Teachers; Nurturing a Virtual Library Community

Powerful Pedagogy with Zoom

Managing the Distance Learning Workflow; Balancing Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning

Making Effective Screencasts without Taking Forever

Checking for Understanding

UDL, Accessibility, and Managing IEPs

Assessments: Reliable, Valid, Interactive

Engaging MS & HS Students

Developing an Inclusive, Culturally Relevant, Anti-Racist Distance Learning Classroom Community

We checked in on how everyone was doing, shared some stories and had some fun.

2019-2020 School Year

Virtual Education Unconference For Educators hosted by CUE SF and the California School Library Association - April 25

An online Edcamp-like experience to bring educators together to solve each others' problems. Topics included:

Getting Started with Distance Learning

Reading/Literacy at a Distance (book clubs, storytimes, e-books & apps?)

Curating Meaningful Videos (Edpuzzle, YouTube, etc.)

Zoom for Elementary (Tips, Tricks, Strategies & Tools, breakouts)

How can Administrators Best Support Staff in Distance Learning?

Building Community and Social Emotional Learning (promoting wellness, games, best practices, resources)

Social Media to Build your Personal Learning Network

General Online Management (lesson flow, pacing, managing multiple tools, organizing content,screen/work-time balance)

PBL & Project Ideas (safe student collaboration, literacy focus)

Zoom for Secondary (Tips, Tricks, Strategies & Tools, breakouts, and mobile)

Student Engagement (Activities, Brain Break ideas, reaching the unmotivated)

Zoom: Basics & Safety

Maker Activities (hands-on learning; using household items)

Advanced Google Classroom

Screencasting & Lesson Flipping (effective screencasts, tips & tricks, editing, tools)

Digital Citizenship & Data Privacy (protecting students, obtaining parent permission, best practices)

How Teacher Librarians can best support staff, schools, and districts?

Supporting K-2 Distance Learners

Google Classroom: Getting Started
Real Time Formative Assessment

We held our first virtual happy hour to allow educators to come together, relax and learn from each other

Our annual national conference was moved online and allowed for 2 weeks of learning from the amazing speakers that were planning to speak in Palm Springs.

Edcamp SF Bay Area at Clever

This was our largest event we've ever hosted! Dozens of educators from all over the Bay Area came together in our first Edcamp! Topics were submitted by our participants and allowed educators to choose from more than 8 sessions at a time for 3 breakout times.

Arts Integration

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Facilitating Culturally Inclusive Spaces

Resources for Global Collaboration (Primarily K-4)

Engaging with Primary Source Docs

Assessing STEAM Projects

Instructional strategies for English Learners

Collaborating with Principals

Tech in Blended Learning

Flipped Learning

Tech to Facilitate Debate & KQED/Media Literacy

Teaching Coding

Tech in Anti-Substance Education

Assessing Creativity / Student Entrepreneurship

Tech in Health Ed, Various disabilities, Using Prometheon with SH

Integrating curriculum with home room teachers / Teaching Lifeskills

Tech to Scaffold Writing

Teaching Coding

Cultural storytelling through media


Useful Apps for the HS Math Class

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Assessment (Using Tech)

Making use of a camera to promote creativity

Attending Conferences (i.e. Finding funds)

Incorporating Identity

We gathered at the Emporium SF - Arcade Bar to share a few of our favorite apps that were working well in our classrooms, share some free snacks and play some games together.

We focused on creative tools, instructional practices, and training/support available to help teachers engage their students share their learning in creative new ways with an authentic audience. Emily Voiglander from Seesaw taught us about design thinking and Fran Yang, K-5 Math and Science Curriculum Tech-Integration Coach at Kentfield School District taught us about Creative Tools to Make Thinking Visible. (Event Photos)

CUE San Francisco Happy Hour at Fall CUE Conference in Sacramento

What could be more fun than celebrating our successful presentations at the bar?

We learned from Sam Kary about how to Amplify Student Voice by Student Podcasting on Soundtrap, Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark from Patrick Ng of Roosevelt Middle School and Clara Galan from Adobe and Unlocking Youth Voice with ‘KQED Perspectives’ from our friends at KQED. Event Photos

2018-2019 School Year

End of the Year BrewCUE

We celebrated the end of the year with drinks, appetizers and conversation with new and old friends at The Ramp.

Participants participated in interactive workshops about igniting creative problem solving & creative confidence with friends from Adobe, Dispositions & Beliefs in the Digital World with friends from Common Sense Education, and The Power of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom SFUSD Dept. of Technology and created CUE Booms about our learnings.

We learned and participated in six example maker lessons in Willie Brown Middle School's makerspace that any educator could replicate at their school site.

Bay Area CUE Affiliate Happy Hour & Photo Booth Event at Spring CUE 2019

We had 77 educators stop by for a fun time with our CUE San Francisco, CUE East Bay, CUE Silicon Valley and CUE North Bay members at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel.

Spring CUE 2019 Conference in Palm Springs

We had almost a dozen speakers from our affiliate at Spring CUE!

We played with a wide range of "plugged" and "unplugged" computer science ideas for K-12 students that could be implemented by anyone - from tech novices to CS experts!

CUE San Francisco Happy Hour at Fall CUE

We had a few dozen people from San Francisco attending the FallCUE conference in American Canyon, so we gathered at Los Cantaros for a fun evening of celebration

Back to School CUE Brew

We welcomed everyone back from a busy summer and shared strategies and laughs over drinks and appetizers at Southern Pacific Brewery.

2017-2018 School Year

ISTE 2018 in Chicago

Several of our members presented at ISTE 2018.

Bay Area CUE Affiliate Happy Hour and Photo Booth at Spring CUE in Palm Springs

We hung out with educators from our neighboring CUE affiliate chapters- East Bay CUE, Silicon Valley CUE and North Bay CUE.

We learned about Programming and Swift Playgrounds, iMovie on iPad and Clips, iOS 11 and Education and how we could use them in our classrooms.

During our largest event of the year, we kicked off with an engaging keynote address from Dale Dougherty, the Founder of MAKE Magazine, creator of Maker Faire, and CEO of Maker Media followed by choosing between 29 different session options across 4 time slots.

We rotated through various breakout groups to learn how KQED's source-checking works, how our students could be a part of the Digital Storytelling Project cohort that utilizes KQED Teach modules, and more about the Youth Media Challenge.

CUE San Francisco and the San Francisco Unified School District Computer Science Department showed us a variety of plugged and unplugged activities that any subject area and grade level could implement for Hour of Code during Computer Science Week in December.

In partnership with Clever and SFUSD's Department of Technology, we hosted resources and demos from Common Sense Education, Nearpod, iCanHelp, Everfi and even some fun videos and resources from Flocabulary!

We participated in a circuit building activity and other easy making ideas through hands-on learning that can be transferred into our classrooms.

2016-2017 School Year

2015-2016 School Year

2013-2014 School Year