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CUE-NV is a nonprofit professional organization for educators who are interested in and understand the importance of the use of computers and technology in education.

CUE-NV's mission is to encourage, nurture, support, and promote innovative strategies involving existing and emerging technologies to prepare children for the work force of tomorrow.

CUE-NV's purpose it to provide a forum for communication between educators and those who want to be educators and for fostering the improvement of computer and technology knowledge, skills, and applications of any and all educators.

CUE-NV is dedicated to bringing technology integration activities to the classroom teacher through the following activities:

  • offer relevant training opportunities;

  • share tools and techniques in which to engage students;

  • engage in 21st century learning activities;

  • explore new tools to use in the classroom;

  • collaborate with peers;

  • and interact with experts.

CUE-NV is proud to be a continuing education provider for licensure renewals in the state of Nevada.

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