CUA Math Placement Exam


The goal of the placement exam is to determine which of the following courses is at the right level for you:

  • MATH 108: Elementary Functions
  • MATH 110: Finite Mathematics for Business and Economics
  • MATH 111: Calculus for the Social/Life Sciences I
  • MATH 112: Calculus for the Social/Life Sciences II
  • MATH 121: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

The placement exam can be taken online through blackboard. If you unable to take the online test, then a paper-version can be taken in the department's office. Please contact us if this is the case.

Click HERE for information about registering and taking the placement exam.

Online Precalculus Review Summer Courses

You cannot retake the online placement exam. If you are placed in Math 108 or Math 110, but are required to start with Calculus 1 for your major, then you can take one of the online precalculus review courses given each summer. Click HERE for more information. Contact us if you are unable to take a summer review course.

Do I need to take the placement exam?

You must take the placement exam if one of the following applies to you:

  • You are majoring, or leaning towards majoring, in biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics.
  • You are enrolled in the School of Architecture, the School of Business and Economics, or the School of Engineering.
  • You simply want to take a calculus course.

Advance Placement: If you took A.P. calculus and scored either a 4 or higher on the A.P. calculus exam (either the "AB" exam or "BC" exam), then you are eligible for graduation credit (depending on which exam you took) and placement into the appropriate level of calculus course here at CUA. If this applies to you, then you do not need to take the online calculus placement test. Contact us for information about the A.P. calculus exam, and being placed into Math 122 or higher.

Speak with your undergraduate adviser, or contact the Undergraduate Advising Center, if you are unsure about taking the placement exam.