Discover our innovative range of ultralight high-performance cylinders 

for compressed gases. 

The main features of our cylinders

They are “TYPE 4”: this means that are made out of composite      material, carbon fiber and epoxy resin, and underneath an           ultralight liner made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
Built according to EN12245 and ISO11119-3 standards
For Firefighting, Diving, Industrial and Hydrogen applications
They are certified according to European Pressure Equipment      Directive PED 2014/68/EU (CE), European Pressure Directive T-     PED 2010/35/EU (π); US - D.O.T. approved


 Performance and customer care have always been part of our background, this is how we evolved year after year product after product until we have become a unique, stronger and more performing species. 

It is in our nature.

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Technical data sheets for
Firefighting and Rescue applications   

Technical data sheets for
Diving applications   

Technical data sheets for Hydrogen applications  ➜

Technical data sheets for
Industrial applications  

general conditions of sale

Here you can consult and download
the general conditions of sale of CTS  

General Sales Conditions - protetto.pdf

CTS’s composite cylinder are made with a non-structural PET liner, wrapped with a composite material made of carbon fibres and epoxy resin, which confers the structural and mechanical properties. The plastic liner has the only function to contain the gas.

The cylinder comes with rubber protective caps (upper and bottom) which have the purpose of cushioning the impacts.
It can also come with protective sleeves, which are intended to protect the composite surface and the label and also work as a flame retardant.