For Curious Educators :)

We are looking for curious, open-minded, risk-taking, flexible, eager-to-learn teachers who are willing to rethink and innovate our work and craft in English Language Teaching and Learning. If you are passionate about collaboratively driving positive change in our school, we need you!

This is more than a project. We are starting a culture of innovation in our school, and we need curious educators to help build it! :)

What you need to bring to the table

empathy, collaboration, and experimentation:

The core values guiding the quality of our engagement in the project.

  • Empathy and openness with team mates and students to learn from them.
  • Multiply and share the co-created practices and knowledge.
  • The ability to suspend judgment and build on others' ideas.
  • Courage to take risks and engage in divergent thinking.
  • Openness to learn from failures. (Fail fast, fail forward)
  • Collaboration skills, especially empathic listening skills.
  • Intermediate level of digital literacy.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Being a lifelong learner.

project organizers

Project Facilitators: Clarissa Bezerra and Lilian Marchesoni

Project Coordinator: Clarissa Bezerra

Project Mentor: Isabela Villas Boas