Course Policies

Healthy Relationships Course Policies

Classroom Expectations Academic Integrity Policy

A student is expected to be…

    • RESPECTFUL toward self and others.
    • RESPONSIBLE for one’s actions.
    • HONEST.


      • Come to class on time.
      • Bring your notebook, a marble composition book, and a writing utensil every day unless advised otherwise. I recommend a thin, sturdy, three-ring binder with loose leaf, as you will be adding many handouts.

Grading Policy (per Marking Period)

    • 50% Tests/Quizzes
    • 25% Projects
    • 25% Classwork/Homework
      • Each day of class is worth 10 – 25 points in this category. The points are earned for class work assignments, collaborative group learning activities, class participation, appropriate behavior that enhances the learning experience for all and homework assignments. Note: Homework holds 10% or less of overall weight in any marking period.
      • Each category average is determined in the following manner:
      • Points earned/total possible points X 100 = category average
      • (Test/Quiz Ave. x .50) + (Assignment Ave. x .25) + (Project Average x .25) = Marking period Average

There is no mid-term, and the final exam grade will compose 10% combined of the overall semester grade.

There is no final exam. The final exam grade is obtained by averaging project scores together.

As per school district policy, numerical grades are reported as follows:

100 - 92 Superior proficiency (A)

91 - 85 Above Average (B)

84 - 77 Proficient (C)

76 - 70 Partial Proficiency (D)

69 - 55 Not Proficient (No credit)

For a grade update, please refer to your PowerSchool account.

*Participation will be evaluated and documented as a Classroom Activity.

Participation will be evaluated and documented as a classroom activity score. Participation will be based on preparation for class, attendance, and behavior in the class. Points will be deducted using the following system:

Preparation for Class:

Notebook, journal, and a writing utensil are expected every day unless advised otherwise.

    • Lacking a writing utensil: -1
    • Lacking your notebook: -2

Note: Once in class, students are not permitted to access their lockers for forgotten items. Please come to class prepared everyday.

Present for Class:

Arrive to class on time.

  • Unexcused Absence/cut: -5
  • Late (no acceptable pass): -2
  • Writing/passing notes: -2
  • Too long on hall pass (Where ‘ave ya’ been?): -2
  • Sent to office: -5

(*You need to complete makeup work to recoup lost points.)

Demonstrate Acceptable Behavior in Class:

  • Disruptive to me or other students: -3
  • Food or drink is NOT permitted in the classroom. Consumption of gum/candy/drink/food: -2
  • Continued refusal to do work: -3
  • Misuse of classroom supplies/equip: -2

**Cell phone, smart watch, ipod, or other electronic equipment in use without permission. -3

Academic Integrity

    • Cheating will not be tolerated.
    • As per Student Handbook, any student caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive a zero, and parents/guardians will be notified. This includes both the person who is cheating as well as the person they are cheating off of. In other words, keep your paper covered and do not allow other students to copy your hard work. Please note that it is the student's responsibility to behave in a manner above suspicion.
    • Possession of a cell phone or smart watch, or any other electronic equipment during a test is considered cheating, and will result in a zero.
    • If the teacher can see any notes, even if you "never looked at them I just forgot to put them away”, you get a zero. If you are caught cheating at the first minute or the last minute you get a zero.

Test Policy

    • If you are absent the day before the test, you will still take the test.
    • It is your responsibility to see me if you missed a test. If you do not come to me to make up the test on the day you return, you will lose your opportunity to take the test and recieve a 0.
    • If you are caught cheating during a test or quiz, you will receive a zero for a grade.
    • Talking during a test or quiz is considered cheating, whether you have completed the test or not.
    • All tests are kept locked in the classroom. Students are welcome and encouraged to review them at any time during lunch. Parents are welcome to view them, by appointment.

Make-up Work

  • Work is due on the assigned date. If students are absent, it is due on the day of return.
  • Homework is to be put in the appropriate bin upon arrival to class. Homework is not accepted late.
  • When absent, missed homework, quizzes, and classwork is your responsibility. Be sure to use the following resources when you are absent.
        • Extra handout file
        • Google Classroom (If an assignment was posted on the Classroom, you are responsible to submit that assignment ON TIME.)
        • Study Buddies' phone numbers.
        • See me for the assignments or extra help during the activity period.
    • If something is not understood, it is your responsibility to see me for extra help.
    • If work is a major project, it is still due on the assigned date. E-mail, fax it, or have someone bring it to school for you if you will be absent.
    • Time range for in-class make-up work will be relative; i.e. absent one day, make-up in one day.
    • Late work other than homework will lose 10% per day for 3 days. It will not be accepted after 3 days.
    • I will not remind you that you have missing assignments. It is strictly your responsibility.


    • All school rules, policies, and procedures listed in the Student Handbook are also in effect in this classroom. This includes abiding by the dress code, use of appropriate language, and a ban on the use of electronic devices such as iPods and cell phones. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Mrs. Riehl reserves the right to make changes in policy if and when the need arises.