Spring Activity Ideas

Instrucionnes en español Don't have a kit but still want to enjoy the activities?

You need: Cotton balls, Large Tweezers or Tongs, Straws, Glue/Glue Stick, 3 balloons, Pipe Cleaners, and our two printables.

Printable Instruction Page Printable Sheep Printable Pig

Searching, Seeking, & Finding

Many activities incorporate “hunting” for items.

New to hunting?

If your child is new to the concept of finding hidden items, we need to teach them them how to “seek” first.

-Start by showing the child the item and letting them see you put it in plain sight.

-Have them “find” it.

When that’s easy:

-Let the child see you hide the item with a bit showing.

-Let the child see you hide the item completely.

-Do not let child see you hide item; leave some showing.

-Do not let the child see you hide the item…hide it completely.

Works on: Object Permanence


Visual Discrimination

Process of Elimination

Scavenger Hunt

There are a couple of things we know you already have at home. Let’s make collecting those items fun and have your child help you find the items!

1) Laundry Hamper or a box or bag large enough to hold three balloons. You can use this for collecting your other supplies too!

2) “Where do we keep our…?” Decorations- stickers, crayons, markers. Can be items from nature… leaves, sand, grass.

Our kits have everything your child NEEDS to complete the crafts; decorations are optional.

Works on: Visual Discrimination

Working Memory



Observation skills

Help the Sheep find his Wool

Hide the cotton balls around the room (ask older siblings to help) and ask child to help the sheep find his wool

When that’s easy:

-Use tweezers to pick up cotton balls

-Have child be the “wheelbarrow” (walking on hands while you hold their legs being held behind them)

-Set up some obstacles (e.g. cones, stools) to navigate around.

-Try having the wheelbarrow go backwards

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Works on: Motor control

Visual discrimination

Fine motor

W/ wheelbarrow: Endurance



Trunk stability

Lamb Races

The goal is for your lamb (cotton ball) to race (blow) over the finish line (edge of the table)

-Give each contestant a straw.

-Place a cotton ball on the track in front of each contestant

-Count “1, 2, 3 BLOW” and try to blow your cotton ball off the track

When that’s easy:

-Use a longer race track; for an older child you might use a whole table

-See who can blow their lamb off the track in the fewest blows

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Works on: Oral motor strength

Breath control

Depth perception

Cause and effect



Dress the Sheep

Time to help the sheep put his wool back on!

-Have your child pull some cotton balls apart to make them fluffy

-Cover your eyes with the solid cotton ball making a point of how you can’t see. After pulling apart, demonstrate that you can see through it. Talk about thick/thin.

-Talk about how the cotton feels as you pull it apart

-Have your child use the glue stick to stick the cotton to the sheep’s body

-Talk about body parts as your child glues cotton to them “Oh look at that sheep’s fuzzy belly. Should we give him a furry head?”

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Works on: Fine Motor

Sensory Integration- tactile

Spatial Awareness

Body parts

Pigs in a Pen

Blow up three balloons for each child. Draw pig faces on them if you're feeling creative!

-Scatter your “pigs”

Enjoy playing with the balloons for a bit hitting, throwing, and kicking them about.

-Put the hamper in the middle of the room.

-Announce “Get the pigs in the pen”

Have the children scramble to get the balloons into the container as quickly as possible.

When that’s easy:

-You can do this multiple times, timing older children.

-Challenge them to get the pigs into the basket using different parts of their body.

Ex “Get the pigs in the pen using only your elbows”

-Try different positions/movements.

Get the pigs in the pen by: crawling, hopping, spinning, etc

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Works on: Motor planning

Gross motor

Motor control



Direction following

Pigs Tails

Help each piggy find its tail!

-Show your child how to wrap a pipe cleaner around their finger into a spiral (piggy tail)

-If they can’t yet do this, let them wrap around your finger.

-If they can’t do that yet, you can wrap the pipe cleaners around the child’s finger.

-Place the piggy tails on piggy bottoms.

When that’s easy:

-Match the tail colors to the pig of the same color

-Bury the tails in a bin of dried items to dig through

-Hide the tails around the room for the child to find

-Have the child use the tweezers to place the pig tail

-Talk about the shapes that make up the piggy bottoms.

Have your child find that same shape on other piggies

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Works on: Fine Motor

Color recognition

Shape recognition

Sensory Integration- tactile

Spatial Awareness

Body parts

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