Sajin Koroth

About me

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Haifa hosted by Or Meir. I completed my PhD (thesis, joint winner of IBM India Outstanding PhD Thesis Award) from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras under the guidance of Jayalal Sarma. Prior to that I obtained my masters degree (thesis) from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras under the guidance of Shankar Balachandran.

I am interested in Complexity Theory. More specifically, I work in circuit complexity and communication complexity. My current work focuses on proving circuit lower bounds using communication complexity.

Update : I would be spending Fall'18 at the Simons Institute as a visiting postdoc attending the Lower Bounds in Computational Complexity program.


Recent Talks

  • Improved composition theorems for functions and relations (slides : pptx)
    • Theory seminar at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 6th, 2018
    • Theory lunch at Simon Fraser University, May 23rd, 2018
    • Theory seminar at Simon Fraser University, May 22nd, 2018
    • Theory lunch at University of Washington, May 18th, 2018
    • Haifa Theory Group seminar at University of Haifa, March 19th, 2018
    • Theory seminar at Ben Gurion University, March 12th, 2018
  • Learning Algorithms for Sparsely Oriented Circuits
    • Theory Meet at CSE IIT Madras on February 21st, 2017
  • Branching program size lower bounds via projective dimension (slides : pdf)
    • CS Theory Seminar, Hewbrew University at Jerusalem, November 30th, 2016
    • Theory Lunch Series, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, November 16th, 2016
  • Linear Algebraic Approaches for Branching Program Lower bounds
    • A Special Semester on Computational and Proof Complexity, Chebyshev Laboratory, St. Petersburg State University, 1st June 2016
  • Depth Lower Bounds Against Circuits of Sparse Orientation (slides : pdf)
    • Theory Meet at CSE IIT Madras on 30th July, 2014


  • Email : sajin [at] csweb [dot] haifa [dot] ac [dot] il
  • Linkedin