emerging tools


Blabberize (ex. "Opera Singing Spud")

Clipping Magic (Easily remove the background from your photos, instantly online)

CloudConvert (Convert anything to anything, integrates with Google Drive)

Dipity (create interactive, collaborative timelines and embed them in sites)

Glogster (make a virtual poster -- images, text, videos)

Google's Talk to Books (browse passages from books using Google's experimental AI and natural language query)

Graphing Made Simple (create pie charts, bar graphs, etc. easily and save them for use elsewhere)

FlipGrid (create a class page, have students post video responses; videos for student engagement and formative assessment)

Flippity (Google Sheets add on; create progress trackers for students, as well as badges)

LunaPic (Edit photos online and create animated GIFs)

MakeBeliefsComix (Free 3-panel comic creator)

Mercury Reader (Google Chrome add on; removes all ads and other website distraction from any webpage)

Mixcloud (for uploading audio tracks like mixes, podcasts, etc.)

Mosaic Maker

MyHistro (free, interactive timelines and stories on maps)

Offliberty (signs of offline life)

Padlet (interactive tool that allows students to add links, thoughts, videos, etc. to one main class "pad")

Pixlr (a free, online photo editor)

Screencastify (capture your screen)

Smartslides (create dynamic presentations)

StripGenerator (create multi-panel comicstrips online)

Sutori (create and share visual stories)

Virtual Graph Paper (plot points using HTML5)


Vocaroo (simply browser based recording tool)

Youtube Video Editor

Zamzar (file conversion tool)

Can I Stream.it? (Find movies available for streaming)

Skitch (annotation, shapes, skits to get your point across faster)

Soundcloud (upload 2 hours worth of audio and share via a link or an embedded audio player on your website)**might be at its end days