Student Spaces


Hang out, be yourself, build community, challenge yourself and learn from others.

Located on the ground floor of Tower Hall, the CJL serves as a social gathering space for students. The CJL also serves as a safe space for students of color, LGBTQ and other underrepresented students on campus. The CJL is used by the 15 social justice clubs to meet and plan events club events.

Intercultural Center

Adjacent to the Center for Just Living, students connect with one another to plan intercultural events and advance social justice issues in the community. The IC promotes cross-cultural understanding and inclusivity by encouraging the campus community to socially engage and interact with one another respectfully in a diverse environment.

Jiimaan Abiwin (Canoe Room)

Located on the 3rd floor in Tower 3115

Dedicated for use by Native American students to create community with other Native students, practice spirituality, and know that they are in a safe environment based on their unique needs and culture. Students may also smudge in this space for physical and mental well-being.

Diversity in student body, faculty and staff is vital to a quality education. In learning about one another and experiencing different cultures, traditions, perspectives and views, we promote a more diverse and inclusive society, truly preparing young folx to interact and succeed in an increasingly global environment. The Center for Just Living, Intercultural Center and Jiimaan Abiwin are just one way the college encourages students to learn to touch the world.